Nice Guys

by K9118 [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Humor, Romance

The Doctor and Amy happily strolled through Paris. Candle lit dinners for two surrounded them as they passed through the city of love, the candles giving off a nostalgic and somewhat romantic vibe.

"Oh, dear..." the Doctor said, trailing off as they reached the embankment.

"What is it?" Amy said, her eyes following over to where the Doctor's gaze led. There was one solitary figure observing the gentle calm that surrounded them all. He was dressed in a beige coat, a cricketing garb, and he wore a panama hat atop his head. He'd obviously just finished playing, as he held a cricket bat tightly under his arm.

"Remember what I told you about regeneration?" the Doctor whispered "Well, that one over there...." he trailed off once again.

Amy's eyes widened in surprise "You mean that man over there!" Amy began. "That's you!?" Amy's eyes suddenly went back to their usual sultry charm as she gave the cricketing figure a once-over.

The bow-tie wearing Doctor huffed in shock at his companion's behaviour.

"No, fuck that boring old fuck!" the Doctor yelled as he rushed over to his past incarnation. Yanking the bat from under the cricketer's arm, the Doctor harshly poked the the bat into his past incarnation's back, sending the cricketer straight into the river. The Doctor calmly walked back over to a startled Amy. Holding the bat out to her as a sort of make-shift bouquet, the Doctor winked.

"Nice guys finish last."