Author's Notes:
This is what happens when A. I should go to bed. B. I don't want to. and C. I want more Sarah Jane that does not make me cry. I don't consider "canon," but part of the idea is from NotAnOunceof Logic's stories on fanfic net.


"What do you mean, no?" The Doctor asked. "I told you, Sarah Jane, it's just for a few days."

"I enjoy helping aliens, but 13 Bannerman Road is not an alien division of the SPCA. You already gave me the robot dog." Sarah stared up into his green eyes.

"I thought you liked K9," he sniffed.

"I do, but I already have an alien super computer, a futuristic robot dog, and two children who aren't entirely human, not to mention all the gadgets and geegaws I have up in that attic. And now you want to leave a damaged, half-built TARDIS here!"

"It's not exactly a TARDIS. It's a humanoid…well, not exactly human, but not quite alien either…look, it's a long story and I can't even remember parts of it. The point is, the first time I saw it, it masqueraded as the top floor of an entire flat. My buddy Craig managed to shut it down, but I thought I'd better pick up the pieces. Exploded, you know. And having a TARDIS inside a TARDIS is a recipe for disaster. Come on, just this one time. "

"That's what you said about borrowing the edible ball bearings–"

"They were almost as good as jelly babies!"

"The case of spring rolls from Yetton IV."

"How was I to know exposure to the Vortex causes mutations of sentience?"

"The honey crystal,"

"I got back before you were executed!"

"I still have the scar!" Sarah Jane traced a thin scar along her neckline.

"This is the absolutely last time, I promise."

She crossed her arms. "And the teenager."

"Ace? She was nice, wasn't she?"

"In the two weeks you were off on some top-secret mission, she managed to break the oven, burned my microscope lenses, destroyed two stories, and left her homemade explosive right where I keep my deodorant!"