My name is Sarah Jane Smith.

My parents died saving the world when I was a month old, so I grew up with my aunt.

My best friend died when we were thirteen–I didn't know the whole story until forty years later.

When I was twenty-three, I snuck into a military base, where a chance encounter changed my life. I met a man called the Doctor. But he wasn't just a man; he was an alien from another planet, traveling the universe in a space and time machine disguised as a police box. He could change his face. He showed me the wonders of the world, from 15th-century Italy to space stations and the planet Skaro. But one day, it came to an end. He had to return home, and I couldn't go with him.

I spent the next stage of my life angry and alone. I couldn't tell anyone the things I'd seen, the places I'd been, the memories I had, so I shut myself away. Sometimes I got involved in adventures that reminded me of what I had lost–but I never meet the part I missed most. I didn't see him.

Not for over twenty years. Then one day, on a routine investigation, we met again. He had changed his face, but it was still him. And I realized that we couldn't pick up where we had been, but I had a life of my own now.

And in the end, I did. I have a son, Luke, and recently gained a daughter, Sky. I have friends who help me with my work: Maria, Clyde, Rani. Together, we confront aliens who have come to Earth. Sometimes they're friendly, sometimes not. But we try to always give them a choice.

My name is Sarah Jane Smith. I've faced Daleks, Sontarans, Cyberman, Slitheen, anti-matter monsters, mummies, giant spiders, robots, the Trickster, and more. I've had guns pointed at me. I've been tied up, threatened, hypnotized, blinded, and erased from history. I've had my heart broken by the people I love. I've seen things you could never imagine.

My name is Sarah Jane Smith: You do not want to cross me.