You've Got Mail

by Galesgal [Reviews - 15]

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  • Alternate Universe, Het, Romance

That was different, Martha thought as she walked back to her office. He was very good with the little girl, and she never saw him taking the blood. Maybe that's what he needed, to be in pediatrics or something. She couldn't wait to get to her office to see if TD replied.

John saw Martha looking. She was impressed. If only she could be that impressed all the time. He opened up his email and wasn't surprised to see a reply from Martha.

To: TenDoc@TARDI.Galif

A phone box would not work! They are too small. No one would ever believe that. You know, a spaceship has to be spaceshippy, with buzzes and space stuff. I don't know, TD, you’re the writer, create something. A phone box would never work anyways. They did that in Bill & Ted.

Alright, you and I have been talking for ages now and I know nothing about you. You could be a serial killer for all I know. So tell me about yourself. Wife? Kids? Dog?

Oh, and you will not believe what happened John did something. Something pretty nice.

Speak Soon.

John reread the email three times and smiled. She thought he was nice.

Rose Tyler was running for her life. She had no idea where the alien had gone. She thought he was peaceful when he approached them, but he had overpowered her. He had gotten inside of her head and before she realized, she was about to turn her own gun on herself.

"What the hell was that?" Jake asked once she entered the van.

"That evil Smurf put the whammy on me. I thought it was peaceful! It was just so cute, and once it touched me it got in my head and it told me to blow my brains out!"

"Well, where is it?"

"It got away. I need to get back to Torchwood and get the Doctor. He will know what to do." The looks of everyone in the van were not lost on Rose. These were her closest comrades, she had told them everything about the Doctor, and they couldn't wait for her to bring him back. The thing was, she brought back John instead.

John Tyler sat at his workstation, humming a song from his childhood. He was both thrilled and surprised that his tongue was still capable of making the sounds of his homeland. He looked up and saw Martha staring at him. Before he caught himself, he had waved at her like an oaf. She looked extremely alarmed, and waved back. He heard a ding and looked down. It was an IM session.

Smthingspecial has joined the conversation.

SS: Hi, I was shocked to see you online. How r u? Did you get my last email?

TD: Yeah. I was thinking of a reply. I mean, first you insult my creativity, then you accuse me of being a serial killer, and finally, you ask personal details. You wound me Ms. Jones.

Martha could not help but smile. She loved how he called her Ms. Jones.

SS: Okay fine, I will let the phone box slide. What's the thing with romance?

TD: It's not a love story. It’s an action/adventure.

SS: You talked about partners. I am sure your alien fellow could be in love with one.

John sat frozen at his desk. There was so much he wanted to say. He could use this moment and tell of the Time Lord in love with the doctor, but what about--

"Doctor, I need you!" Rose shouted as she entered his office. She knew immediately that barging into his office was a mistake. His eyes became huge, and he took a moment to gather himself.

"What's going on?" He asked, shutting down his computer.

"I was over near the Torchwood Hub and I met something that looked like a Smurf."

"A Tolorani! When was this? Did it come in contact with anyone? I've tracking them before," he told her as he put on his glasses, pulling something too large from his pocket.

Rose was speechless. Sure, he dressed more like her original doctor but there in that lab coat with that manic grin. She almost gasped with how much he seemed like himself.

"It touched me, John. It got inside my head, and before I knew it, I was about to turn my gun on myself."

"What?!" He approached her grabbing her wrist. "I need to enter your mind Rose. I promise it won't hurt. Close your eyes, and if there is something you don't want me to see, put it behind a door and I won't go there."

"You’re my big brother, John. I love you. I trust you with my life." She smiled, closing her eyes.

Martha couldn't understand what could have possibly made TD upset. She joked about his writing all the time. He still hadn't shared anything personal about himself. Then again, she hadn't either. She quickly brought up an email box and began to type.

She read over it twice, and when she was truly satisfied, she pressed send. She decided she was going to take more advice from TD, find John, and take him to lunch. She was just about to leave when an alarm sounded. Martha wondered to herself what it meant, and she could not help the excitement. She put her hair in a ponytail and retrieved her weapon from her desk drawer.

"Do you think he knows what they are?" Jack asked Jake.

"You weren't here when the Daleks came. He and Rose were amazing. They were afraid at just the look of him. If he could get back to that Jack, it would amaze you. The man can strike fear with just a glare."

"Well, it's time we see if this version of him can figure out what the hell is going on. Rose said something about Smurfs. What are Smurfs?" Jake asked.

"Beats me," Jack replied.

Rose ran frantically after John. He was holding a drum of something as he rounded the corner to the entrance of Torchwood.

"Everybody get back! They'll be here…" He glanced at his watch. "Now!" he shouted. Just then the room filled with hundreds of little blue creatures, completely Smurf-like, down to the red hats and shoes.

"We come for the planet. You give now?" It asked nicely.

"You can't be here! This Earth is defended!"

"Is he speaking Martian?" Martha asked when she rounded the corner, gun ready.

John saw the leader notice the moment Martha came in. His telepathic shields weren't as good as they use to be. He knew how he felt. He turned his weapon towards her.

"No!" John shouted throwing the canister in the air and shooting it. A blue sweet liquid began to spray out everywhere. Before Martha could react to anything, she was knocked to the ground by John who seemed to have slipped on the very liquid he released.

All of the Tolarani fell to the floor dissolving into nothing. The ones that could teleported away in all the chaos.

Rose was stunned. Not because of what John had done. That was brilliant. It was the liquid it was Time Lord urine. "Johnny!" she shouted.

Martha got to her feet quickly. She could not believe that when she was about to fire her weapon, clumsy John Tyler had knocked her down.

"Dr. Jones, are you injured?" Pete Tyler asked, pointing to her lab coat.

When she looked down, she saw a scorch mark as if she had been shot, and there was blood, but she was fine. John had...

John wondered if this is what happened when you died. This pain was different. There he could feel his brain misfiring, but now, he was calm. He just needed sleep.

"Don't you dare close your eyes, mister! You can't save a girl's life and take a nap," Martha told him as Owen took care of the wound.

"Not so stupid now am I?" he asked.

"No, I see what everyone has been talking about. You saved me. You're a hero." she smiled. She didn't quite understand why, but she leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss across the lips.

"Now I can die happy," he said with a smile. Then his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

"Shit! Owen, we've gotta get him in the OR, now!" she shouted, hopping to her feet.