You've Got Mail

by Galesgal [Reviews - 15]

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  • Alternate Universe, Het, Romance

Martha had been trying to pull herself together for the last three hours. Poor Eve, she was the girl who had been with her father. For twenty years, her mum had told her of the blonde girl who sat with him and held his hand. Lots of things clicked into place, like how Mickey kept staring at her at the funeral, but most of all about John. She got now why he was so hell bent on making sure she never saved Adeola. There were other weird things about John though. She had to hear his voice.

Rose was trying her best to be happy. Overnight the TARDIS was already the size of a child's building block, and she felt a fizzle in her head. She was humming. Once she got bigger, she would be able to hear her beautiful song. The Doctor had given it to Jamie with a note:

The Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS as it should be...

That wasn’t how it was going to be anymore, because he didn’t want her, and neither did Gwen. She would be the third wheel like Mickey. Strung along because of obligation and pity. She hated love. She picked up the ringing phone.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Good morning, Rose. Are you okay?" Martha asked, concerned.

Just her luck it was Martha. She wanted to be livid, but how could she be? She didn’t want John when he was broken, and she didn’t want her now. It was just that she had no one now and she was miserable.

"Oh, I’m fine, you know how it is. Slow start, but thank heavens it's Friday, right?" she tried her best for a convincing laugh.

"Yes, of course. Is John around? I was hoping to catch him before he went in. I remember he can be an early bird."

Rose looked to the window and saw John tossing Tony into the air. He was no longer afraid of him as he used to be. Something about little humans give him the heebees. They were best mates now. She knew she would regret this, but for some reason she wanted him to be a little sadder for a little longer.

"You just missed him. He took our little brother to the park before work. Shall I give him a message?"

"No, I just wanted to hear his voice. How daft is that considering what I did to him?" she asked miserably.

"They’re just up the street. I could hop up there and fetch him. He has his mobile. You could ring him, yeah?" she backpedaled, feeling horrible for what she had done.

"No, its fine. I guess that's part of the reason why I called your house. I didn’t really want to catch him. Okay, talk to you later. Bye," she hung up feeling sorry for herself.

Martha glanced at her calendar and groaned. Today was already lousy. "Happy Birthday to me," she groaned as she pulled herself from bed.

John walked in and he immediately zoomed in on Rose. He wondered if she knew the effect she had on him. She was inside his head, and he felt the hurt in her. He was going to have himself a talk with Gwen, but first things first.

Rose was pulled from her thoughts when strong arms grabbed her and held her close. "Doctor," she sighed, leaning into his touch. Sometimes he just knew what she needed.

Jackie Tyler clucked her tongue disapprovingly as she glanced at her daughter sobbing all over John.

"What are you gawking at now, love?" Pete asked as he approached.

"Our daughter. It's Jimmy Stone all over again.”

Pete frowned at that name. Jimmy stone was the bloke Rose lost her virginity too.

"Jimmy Stone, or James Stone her birth name. She and Rose were like two peas in a pod. It hurt to find out they were together. Now don’t think it was the gay thing. It was more of a no grandkids thing. Also, Mickey was already around, just hoping Rose would notice. She did, but only after Jimmy loved her and left her. Now look at that?"

"Gwen Cooper feels she has the hots for John. The people at work or finding that hard to believe since they are brother and sister. Although Jack says where he comes from, its done a lot. That way the intelligence of the offspring is predictable. Due to the fact they think John is a chip off the old block, some feel the children would be adorable."

"Peter Tyler, are you taking part in some sort of twisted office gossip?" she scolded.

"What can I say? It’s been a slow week." he smiled entering the kitchen.

Jackie decided for now she wouldn’t say anything. Rose was a big girl, and she knew whom John wanted. She knew John would also help Rose and Gwen work things out. She couldn’t believe how much she loved him. She loved how he called her mum. That’s why things had to work out. She needed them both so much.