You've Got Mail

by Galesgal [Reviews - 15]

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  • Alternate Universe, Het, Romance

“Oh, my God!” Martha gasped when she entered the ship, "It’s bigger on the inside!" Martha giggled. She couldn’t wait for TD to see this.

John was about to comment on the snapping of photos with her cellphone, but then he realized that TD would be receiving those photos so he let her have this moment. "So what do you think?" he asked.

"It's just…are we in space? How do you know so much? Are we going to, like, hover over their cell and beam them up, Scotty?"

"Not exactly." He smiled.

She watched as he flicked some switches. He seemed to come alive when he did it. It was as if something was off, and then he sprang to life. A beam appeared, and then the four Luthorians appeared in the craft.

Martha smiled, approaching.

"No, wait!" John shouted.

Rose and finally gotten rid of Tony and she and Gwen were about to grab a bite when the alarm sounded.

"What's happened?" Gwen asked.

"Rose, they took John!" Jake shouted, entering her office.


"Your dad was waiting for John to come back and talk to the Luthorians, but they disappeared."

“Disappeared how?" Rose asked, loading her weapon.

"Toshiko showed him where there ship was and he said he was going to see if he could get it in the air. They say vanished in a beam of light. Martha's gone too."

"What about Tosh? Did she disappear too, Jake?" Gwen asked.

"Are you crazy? Just as soon as Owen found out John was down there, he called her up with him. You know how paranoid he is, now that she's so close to delivering."

"So the ship, aliens, Martha, and John vanished without a trace?"

"Yeah, Rose, your mom is flipping out!" Jake nearly shouted.

"Oh, he's good." Rose began to laugh, putting her gun away.

"What?" Gwen and Jake asked.

"He's showing off," Rose smirked.

Martha smiled as the baby cooed in her lap. She had been foolish in the beginning. Of course they would not want to approach her. She had injured the father and captured him.

John fixed that. She had no idea how he'd done it, but he did. Then they let her tend their wounds, and hold their baby. They were speaking English now as well. They still had a look on uneasiness around her, but they were so open with John. Why was that?

"Okay, listen very carefully. The people of Onagoria are not friendly when it comes to someone who is well...brown. So stay inside, okay?" he told her nervously.

Martha knew her mouth had to still be open because she had to have misheard him. "Let me get this straight. They are going to accept the cast of The Munsters, but I have to cower in the spaceship because I'm black?!" she shouted, outraged.

"Of course not," he scolded her. "It's because you're brown." he smiled. He even took a chance and kissed her, and was relieved when she kissed back.

"But John, it's another planet."

"I know. Let me get them safe, and we'll have an adventure of our own." He giggled as he exited the ship.

She knew she had a goofy grin on her face, but she was on another planet. She was on another planet! How was he breathing? Once again he tossed his health to the wind, and Martha would be damned if the color of her skin kept her in the ship. He could be convulsing out there. She hopped to her feet.

"Miss me?" he shouted, reentering the ship.

"You're freezing! Get in here!" she said and guided him inside. "Let's get you warmed up." She began rubbing his cold limbs.

"Can you believe them?" Rose shouted as she joined her mother in the couch.

"Rose, the Smiths don’t know him like we do. Their daughter has been missing for two weeks."

"Mum, she's not missing. She's with John, and he loves her. He’s keeping her safe, I'm sure of it."

"Sweetheart, all they know is their daughter is off with the equivalent of a mad scientist. They didn’t seem to care that he is a Tyler either, although Tish seemed to care. Then again, considering what happened to Adeola. Remember the first time he left with you?" Jackie mumbled.

"I'm going to send him another message." Rose took out her cellphone.

Martha could not believe what was happening. She was sitting under a tree on another planet, having a picnic. John said this was a first date. She would like to see TD top this. She couldn’t wait to tell him. Well, if he could deal with Torchwood.

John had told her how he wasn’t in a hospital all these years. That after Canary Wharf he had gotten a space hopper and went off the map too other worlds. Worlds that he hoped to show her one day. It was almost as if he was the Doctor, and she was Martha Jones!

“This is too much." She giggled.

"What?" John asked.

"Well, I told you about Adeola. She was the reason I ended up at Torchwood. I wanted to know what happened to her. What Yvonne Hartman made her do."

"I'm so sorry," John told her and he leaned and kissed her deeply.

"Someone is feeling adventurous," Martha told him, leaning into his embrace.

"Ms. Jones, you have no idea."

"What did you call me?" Martha asked as the hairs began to stand up on her neck.

John realized what he said. He was about to comment when his pocket vibrated again. This time he decided to read it. "Oh dear we're a bit late. Your folks are worried." He hopped up, dropping her unceremoniously on the ground. "I forgot time here move a tad faster," he offered as he looked for his other shoe.

"Just how late are we? They'll understand once I tell them you were sick."

"Martha, you can’t tell them that,” he squeaked. “Mother will smother me. We've been away two weeks."

"Two weeks? Two weeks?! I’m going to bloody well kill you, mister."

Jackie Tyler closed the door and tried but failed to hide the sob that escaped her mouth.

"Oh Jacks, it's going to be okay,” Pete tried to comfort her, “They’re kids, everything will be fine once he gets here and explains himself."

"That Francine woman…the horrible things she said about my Johnny. The Doctor is a sweetheart and he would never...the way she said like father like son. Yvonne Hartman was in charge then. She died a hero, she and Ianto's girlfriend Lisa. They saved so many lives that day."

"They’re worried, mum and unlike you, they don’t know the Doctor. They do, however, know what Torchwood is about and, well, remember when I disappeared? What you did to Mickey?" Rose added, having walked in on the conversation. "The police thought he had done something to me. Not only because his was more my boyfriend, but because of the color of his skin. Then we made up all of that medical stuff. They think she is off with a madman."

Rose was going to continue but she noticed how still her father had gotten. Almost like a switch had been turned on. "Dad, you alright?"

"Their ship, did you get a look at it?" Pete asked seriously.

"Yeah, Jack and I retrieved it. What?"

"Do you remember what Adeola Jones told us that night you arrived? Right before you started having the dreams about him. She swore he helped her get away from the Cybermen. Jackie told me how a week became a year. So tell me, could that ship travel through time?"

Before Rose could answer, she got a text. She knew what it said before she looked upon it.

John was doing everything to keep calm. He knew from the moment he got out of the ship where he was and what was going on. This was bad. No, this was catastrophic! He quickly texted Rose and hoped she received it in the now, because five years ago would be rubbish.

"Martha, we need to go."

"Doctor, what is happening here? Where's the power?”

Before he could answer, a familiar person walked into their sights.

"Martha, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Adeola!" Martha screamed.

She had no idea what was going on, but somehow John had given her the best gift ever.