Wayward Son

by BiteyMadLady [Reviews - 277]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Character Study, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

1. Ulv Stranden - Prologue I [Reviews - 7] (527 words)
Post-Stolen Earth, S4. AU: TenII hits a big snag in his efforts to forge a new life with Rose on Pete's World and finds himself facing an unexpected identify crisis.

This may get a bit angsty for some, but I promise fluff at the end. I promise to try, try, try to keep this updated regularly. But once the surreal world of work intrudes, I may backslide occasionally. Feel free to nudge me periodically if that happens. :)

2. A Life Domestic - Prologue II [Reviews - 4] (2072 words)
TenII reflects on how he ended up on the Slow Path.

3. Hold On [Reviews - 3] (2499 words)
Ten II has an interesting breakfast with a side of serious heart-to-heart with Jackie.
Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Doctor Who universe. The BBC owns all. I am but a humble vessel and make nothing from it.

4. Sparks of the Tempest [Reviews - 4] (3301 words)
Beware the Oncoming Storm. Ten II finally confronts Rose.
For the Angst junkies, I hope you enjoy this. For the tenderhearted, it will get better. For those who shoot first and ask questions later, Ten's feelings as he left Bad Wolf Bay were established in the official JE script published by Russell T Davies.

Disclaimer: I own nothing in the Doctor Who universe. I just play with their toys and break them.

5. Lightning's Hand [Reviews - 4] (3049 words)
Jackie finds Rose and discovers that she and the Doctor have been fighting. The Doctor takes a little trip on the Road to Nowhere, but returns to encounter a force of Nature: Hurricane Jackie.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. The BBC owns all.

6. Paradox [Reviews - 6] (2726 words)
Ten II gets a temporary reprieve from execution and continues to wrestle with his identity. He finally reaches an epiphany.

Ten II's epiphany is a theory I've developed after watching three seasons of the Ten era over and over looking for clues. Any mangling of the canon is my own.

7. One Man, One Heart [Reviews - 6] (4734 words)
Ten II and Jackie have their discussion after dinner. Once again, Jackie throws Ten II off and proposes an unorthodox strategy for winning Rose back.

My apologies, but I promise that Rose will be back in the next chapter, for sure!

8. The Wall [Reviews - 3] (3766 words)
Ten II prepares for Sunday dinner with the family and Rose. Rose ruminates over her loyalty to Ten and her frustrations over being back in Pete's World.

A lot of internal dialogue, so sorry if things seem to bog down a bit here. I promise, things will pick up with more action now that we've gotten into the major player's heads. Is it my imagination, or are these chapters getting longer? ;-)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The BBC owns all. I just play with and break their toys.

9. Child of Innocence [Reviews - 4] (1956 words)
Ten II has a strange dream involving two interesting beings.

Ok, I lied. I was really planning to launch into the dinner during Chapter 9, but this short dream came to me this morning and wouldn't leave until I finished it. I promise....I sincerely promise, the next chapter will be the dinner! :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The BBC owns all, including any synapses in my head that hold Doctor Who thoughts in them.

10. What's On My Mind [Reviews - 6] (3986 words)
Sunday dinner at the Tylers, and Rose joins them. Ten II tells a fairy tale to Tony about a Bad Wolf, and Rose gets the message. When she asks for additional information, things don't quite end like either of them expect.

A special call out to A_Who_in_Whoville, who gave me the idea on Tony. :)

11. Hopelessly Human [Reviews - 3] (4761 words)
Jackie and the Doctor do a wellness check on Rose at her flat.

Sorry for the delay, but work deadlines and performance reviews unfortunately took priority over sleep, food, and all other basic necessities like writing. ;-)

12. Questions of My Childhood [Reviews - 6] (2599 words)
The Doctor reflects on his initiation to the Academy and decides to take a long run in the woods.

13. On the Other Side [Reviews - 6] (3695 words)
The Doctor (Ten II) gets a tour of the Torchwood One facilities. He meets a strange lady astrophysicist and astrocartographer who gives him quite a shock.

14. Can I Tell You [Reviews - 6] (6570 words)
Ten II delves into the mystery surrounding Hal, only to bite off a bit more than he can chew.

Sorry for the evil cliffie. ;-)

15. Loner [Reviews - 6] (5808 words)
The Doctor (Ten II) suffers a psychic attack at the hands of Hal, but something happens to change things.

16. Curtain of Iron [Reviews - 6] (8340 words)
The Doctor (Ten II) tries to convince Hal to go to lunch with him.

17. Angels Have Fallen [Reviews - 8] (6611 words)
The Doctor (Ten II) finally gets to examine a very curious artefact from the Torchwood archives, starts building out a TARDIS growth chamber, and meets with Rose.
I own nothing of Doctor Who or Torchwood, which are owned by the BBC. I own only original characters.

18. Need to Know, Part I [Reviews - 5] (7560 words)
The Doctor (Ten II) sets up the TARDIS growth chamber. Hal reveals some quirky secrets and struggles over whether to tell Rose about her origins.

19. Need to Know, Part II [Reviews - 4] (6066 words)
The Torchwood party is in full swing, and the Doctor dances. Sorry for the two week delay in updating, but sometimes ya gotta do the slow path. Need to Know, Part III coming soon. Sorry for another evil cliffie. ;-) Ok, maybe not so sorry, but you won't suffer as long this time.

20. Need to Know, Part III [Reviews - 4] (12183 words)
Last segment of the three-parter, Need to Know.

Numerous plot bunnies scattered over the previous 19 chapters start to emerge from their hiding places.

21. Point of Know Return [Reviews - 6] (6493 words)
For my dear A_Who_in_Whoville. You know this is for you...

22. Preamble [Reviews - 6] (3505 words)
The Doctor and Rose try to adjust in the early minutes of their new bond.
A short chapter, as I'm unfortunately buried a mile deep in work. More to come, though!

23. How My Soul Cries Out For You [Reviews - 6] (3330 words)

Rose and the Doctor spend the night at Hal's. Can they keep their hands to themselves?

Probably not.

24. Stand Beside Me [Reviews - 5] (6770 words)
It's the morning after their betrothal bonding, and still things to be said.

A mish-mash of canon and NA.

25. Secret Service [Reviews - 7] (2448 words)

Hal drives Rose back to the Tyler Estate. The Doctor shops. A visitor drops into Torchwood Three.

So so sorry for the long interval between chapters. RL took over and had its way with me. I'm a bit healthier now after a nice holiday, but I walked into a buzzsaw of activity at work. I'm hoping it settles down a bit so I can get back into the swing of writing regularly.

And yes, I meant to end this with a shocker. ;-) So sue me. LOL!

26. I Can Fly [Reviews - 4] (3386 words)
Rose gets to talk to a very old friend. The Doctor grapples with an old fear, and Rose encounters an even older friend where she least expects to see him. Next, Hal meets Jack, and that's where everything changes...

27. The Devil Game [Reviews - 3] (3862 words)
Pete, Rose, TenII and Hal reach Torchwood Three to interrogate the purported Jack Harkness. Jacks does a little interrogation of his own.

28. Nobody's Home [Reviews - 5] (5186 words)
Jack gets "interviewed" by TenII, Rose and Pete in the Hub. He fills them in on shocking events in Prime since they parted company, all the while trying to keep a tight cap on his undeserved feelings of anger and betrayal towards TenII.

29. Stay Out of Trouble [Reviews - 6] (5499 words)
TenII discovered his Time Lord powers aren't as diminished as he once thought.

Sorry for the truly long delay, but my muse took a powder for awhile when RL got too much for her. I envy her ability to quit working whenever she feels like it. (smirk)

30. A Glimpse of Home [Reviews - 5] (4462 words)
Rose and TenII make their escape through Cardiff. They stop in an alleyway, where a little UST occurs (nothing explicit).

The scene actually takes place in a real location in Cardiff, in case you're wondering.

A little homage to KelKat9, who's "Time Lord shaggin' whammy" comment from Rose stuck in my head all week. :)

And yes, Who, I am stalling. ;-)

31. Disappearing Skin Tight Blues [Reviews - 3] (4957 words)
Ten II and Rose escape to a B&B for some alone time, at last. Edited version with lots of playful innuendo, but nothing explicit.

A GREAT BIG SQUISHEEE HUG OF THANKS to my Betas for this chapter, the Lovely Kelkat9 and A_Who_In_Whoville!!!! Without their superb advice, this chapter would never have seen the light of day. (Or the dark of night, actually.) And a big hug to all of those who gave me much needed feedback and encouragement on this journey. We have reached a tollgate, at last.


32. Borderline [Reviews - 8] (5714 words)
It's still the Doctor and Rose's wedding night, and much is happening while they have their much-deserved time together... Plot bunnies galore...

So, so sorry for the long interval between updates! I really, really hate RL sometimes. :)

33. It's You [Reviews - 7] (4182 words)
Dedicated to Kelkat9: A belated birthday present that I hope will cheer you a bit after all your recent trials.

Hal discovers the source of the mysterious voice reaching out to her. A weird coincidence rocks her to her core.

Sorry about the huge lapse in updates, everyone. Hubby and I have been moving our household by ourselves over a distance of 60 miles, all without taking any time off from an onerous work schedule. We're almost finished, so hopefully the updates will keep coming on a regular basis. My muse has been kicking my behind for months.

Thank you for all of your lovely reviews, and for sticking with me!

34. Watching the River Run [Reviews - 5] (4187 words)
Ah, the best intentions sometimes go awry. My apologies for the lapse in regular updates! It took quite a few weeks longer to move than I'd anticipated. But the move is over, and now there is the un-boxing. But fear not. Those pesky boxes can wait a tad.

So now we're back to our intrepid duo, the Doctor and Rose, back at the B&B. There's a dream sequence, and a smattering of... well... noodlety, as my hubby calls it. Nothing too explicit, but they *are* the Doctor and Rose, after all. Things just wouldn't be realistic if it were a typical honeymoon, now would it?

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me. Allons-y!

35. Me and My Arrow [Reviews - 4] (4389 words)
Well, as some of you may have noticed, I've officially run out of Kansas songs for titles. :-) I've switched to some of my favorite songs, so hopefully I'll get through this story without yanking my hair out. Not doing this again, by golly.

Anyway, we're switching back and forth between London and Cardiff to catch up with our characters. Just so you don't become confused, yes, Pete and Jack end up back in Cardiff to escort our newlyweds back. Of course, TenII and Rose can't run off to an unannounced honeymoon without a certain person noticing, right? You don't need a crystal ball to guess that a Tyler slap is probably looming...

But first, back to Hal.

36. Then She Said My Name [Reviews - 4] (4050 words)
Six gets a new name.

Bwahahahaha! Betcha didn't see that one coming. ;-)

37. Don't Fear the Reaper [Reviews - 6] (4582 words)
TenII reveals his most recent dream with Tokos and Tau, and the trio tries to discern the alien beings' interest in them. Rose has a decision to make.

38. Time For Me to Fly [Reviews - 7] (6200 words)

Ten II and Rose try to sneak into the Tyler Mansion on a belonging reconnaissance. Naturally, things do not go quite like Ten II envisioned.

Soooo terribly sorry for the long break in between chapters, dear readers. RL was draining, to say the least, and I got a bit off track. I'm giving you a slightly longer chapter as an inadequate apology.

39. Our House [Reviews - 6] (2634 words)
Ten II, Rose, and Hal take a tour of the vacant house on the estate. TBC...

40. Burning Down the House [Reviews - 9] (4943 words)
Ten II, Rose and Hal continue their tour of the old house on the Estate. Will they actually decide to live there? Will it actually survive the tour? Curious minds want to know...

41. From A Distance [Reviews - 8] (5238 words)

I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry! Yes, I have been absolutely awful in updating for a plethora of reasons, but none are sufficient to explain such a gap. Part of it is due to RL, part to a bit of a block because of the plot lines in the show that were causing me to bite my nails. It wasn't until after TotD that I realised that there was no real cause for alarm. My outline is still basically intact, but there are a few subtle changes that may/will occur.

But let's get back to our story. There are a few tiny spoilers to TotD, but unless you've been in a cave somewhere they shouldn't ruin the show for you. Just be forewarned.

Now we move forward to the dinner before their trip. A "cliff-hangers" will finally be revealed, and some other loose ends tied up. I hope you enjoy it, and again... my sincere apologies.

42. You're Having My Baby [Reviews - 4] (2576 words)
Ten II and Rose have a misunderstanding and struggle to bridge the gap between words and feelings.

A short chapter so you don't have to wait. ;-)

43. Take It Easy [Reviews - 4] (3283 words)

Our team is finally off on an adventure. They're not in London anymore, that's for sure!

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Work projects and house maintenance failures continue to be the bane of my life. The title is a reference to lyrics by the Eagles. This area exists in our universe, and I can't help but hear the lyrics in my head when I'm there.

44. High Hopes [Reviews - 4] (1267 words)
A brief little interlude. We'll be back to our campers very soon.

45. Taking Tiger Mountain [Reviews - 6] (3655 words)
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! It's been a rough few months with work, and then the illness and loss of my dear mother-in-law. A little vacation finally got my Muse back on the job. I hope you enjoy!

46. Here Comes the Sun [Reviews - 3] (3991 words)
Our intrepid campers set out the next morning to look for artefacts, from Jack's POV. So sorry for the longest delay ever.

47. The Other Side [Reviews - 3] (2511 words)
The Doctor and Rose find a bit more than they bargained for in their search. And I'm sorry... I'm so sorry for the cliffie. You'll be rewarded with the next chapter by the end of this weekend. Promise!

48. Come Talk to Me [Reviews - 5] (5066 words)
We finally get to see who steps out of that TARDIS. A surprise guest character appears for a few chapters. This chapter is slightly longer than normal, as an apology for the evil cliffie in the last chapter. I hope you enjoy!

49. Lay Your Hands on Me [Reviews - 2] (3234 words)
Breaking this up into smaller chapters. My Muse is goading me with a whip, I think. There should be another chapter by weekend.

50. You Can't Always Get What You Want [Reviews - 3] (2612 words)
Confession time for Twelve... again.

51. Hello, Goodbye [Reviews - 3] (4912 words)
Hal must make a terrible choice. What will it be? And she uncovers a little secret about Twelve's missing memory.

52. Heroes [Reviews - 5] (3563 words)
Jack demands an explanation for the Doctor's absence when the 456 appeared. And Twelve gets the ride of his life.

53. If Children Had Wings [Reviews - 5] (4214 words)

We find out how little Tony fits into all of this, and that the Bad Wolf has yet another surprise in store for the Doctor and Rose. Everything changes...

I hope to provide yet one more chapter before I go on vacation, but if I don't get it out by the next weekend, I will add another (or two) while camping. Isn't technology just grand? :-)

54. My Immortal [Reviews - 1] (4202 words)
Twelve provides each of his mates with a gift, not the least of which goes to his meta-twin.

55. Alone [Reviews - 4] (2791 words)
Twelve bids adieu to Pete's World. How can he possibly say goodbye to Rose?

56. Digging in the Dirt [Reviews - 4] (3947 words)

After Twelve has left, our campers do a bit of a postmortem. TenToo confronts Hal on her killing spree with Jack.