The Thread that Binds

by geronimoltobene [Reviews - 2]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Drama, Introspection, Missing Scene, Mystery

1. Prologue [Reviews - 2] (1627 words)
"The Day is why I’m here. I am my mother’s daughter, I know that much, but what that means I have yet to find out. I have been allowed to remember that I will have a purpose, but until then I live. I know. Foreknowledge can be dangerous, but the missing pieces can be downright treacherous."

The result of a daydream turned into thinking like Moffat. (insert evil giggle here) And then wondering why he didn't think of it first.

Doctor Who, Torchwood, and characters aren't mine (except, well, mine), but I hope they like where I take them.

2. Chapter 1 - Academica Part One [Reviews - 0] (2130 words)
"Fifty-first century pheromones and twenty-first century teenagers made for an interesting mix."

So I've shown my hand very early on - daughter of River and Jack - who has an idea of who she is but not really why she is. This will get very timey wimey, I promise.

I'll be adding more characters into the summary as I write them. Like I said, timey wimey (grin)!

3. Chapter 2 - Academica Part Two [Reviews - 0] (2515 words)
"Hmm, if you were to get technical about it, and I wasn’t, I was in two places on Earth at the same time - there in Cardiff with my 2,000-something-year-old father, and as a child back in the States."

4. Chapter 3 - Academica Part Three [Reviews - 0] (2947 words)
"I know that Mum grew up alongside her parents, up until she Changed. I really wish I’d had her around for advice, because having your father as a contemporary is so beyond normal."

Field trips and relationships, new/old friends. And there be timey wimeyness.

5. Chapter 4 - Transitions Part One [Reviews - 0] (2364 words)
"“Compact Laser Delux, good choice. Can always fit that one into tight spots.”

I raise an arm, aiming towards one of the Daleks. Within seconds, the targets shatter into pixels, with hardly a thought flowing from my brain to my shooting hand. It’s like instinct."

6. Chapter 5 - Filling in the Blanks Part One [Reviews - 0] (2836 words)
"“They’re family. It’s a love and hate relationship but we always come back to each other in the end. Even petulant brats like Rex. Speaking of, you get the job of taking this lot back to the block tonight. Good job.”

“Thanks, World War Two, I really owe ya one.” Rex corralled the quickly-tiring men towards a hidden exit and out of the Hub.

“Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep him yet. He’s like a puppy, can be cute sometimes til he soils the rug.”

Martha giggled as she settled herself on Mickey’s lap, wrapping an arm around his neck comfortably."

7. Chapter 6 - Filling in the Blanks Part Two [Reviews - 0] (2565 words)
"Martha looked incredulous. “What, you can tell then?”

“Some odd wiring in my DNA, but I have an peculiar sense of time and space.”

Martha eyed me oddly.


“You sound like a Time Lord.”

I got that tingly feeling in the back of my mind again. “I don’t know any Time Lords.”

She crossed her arms and leaned against her desk. “For someone that denies their existence, you sure talk just like one.”"

Makes some references to the Torchwood novel "The Men Who Sold the World," which admittedly I haven't read but the gist is, the CIA bought artefacts from the British government in the time period between CoE and MD. I also thought about writing a cracky fic regarding Jack's really lame joke towards the end of this chapter but couldn't quite bring it together enough.

8. Chapter 7 - Filling in the Blanks Part Three [Reviews - 0] (2616 words)
"His face turned dark, and I took his hand once again. “The Doctor always said he could help me recover those lost two years, and I finally took him up on it, this last trip.” He turned his gaze to mine, staring deeply into my eyes. It was chilling."

Revelations, quite a bit from Jack's point of view. The timey-wimeyness begins...

9. Chapter 8 - Distractions and Diversions [Reviews - 0] (2448 words)
"Anyone looking from a distance would think it was probably just someone in fancy dress, out for a lark, but once I paid attention to the timelines surrounding her, I just knew. This was a creature out of their time. As was I."

10. Chapter 9 - Follow Me Part One [Reviews - 0] (1925 words)
"I’d noticed lately that my shoulder itched. It really shouldn’t; the tattoo was long healed, plus the ink used was 1,000 times more sterile than anything used when I was growing up. But something was affecting it.

The Bad Wolf was following me."

Got a little stalled writing this chapter. I just can't wait to get ahead! But... need the little bits first, right?

11. Chapter 10 - Follow Me Part Two [Reviews - 0] (2252 words)
"He looked like he wanted to say something else but couldn’t. I didn’t want to press. Instead he cupped my jaw line and smiled. “Glad you got some good looks from your mother and me. You lucked out in that department.”"

12. Chapter 11 - Remember... [Reviews - 0] (2330 words)
"I pulled myself as tall as I could muster as she perused the devices I’d had laid out on my table. I’ve been tinkering with an old dermal mender, as well as the blood scanner I’d been having some difficulty with. She picked up each instrument and turned them over carefully, scrutinising every circuit and knob. She made me nervous. I couldn’t even bear to look directly at her, with the scars surrounding her eye, and the way she could hardly hold herself up."

13. Chapter 12 - Blood is Thicker Than Water [Reviews - 0] (2966 words)
"He was obviously bright and clever, and would grow into so much more."

Apologies for the delay - had this partially written before work got in the way. But the ride continues...

14. Chapter 13 - Sister From Another Mister [Reviews - 0] (2273 words)
If you've guessed who we meet, you're right!

"I can feel my body temperature dropping against her, and as we drift off I’m soothed by the soft four-beat emanating from her chest. Lublub-lublub, lublub lublub…"