The Age of Paradox: Book One: The History of Paradox

by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 8]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Character Study, Drama, General, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Mystery

1. The Policeman Comes [Reviews - 2] (1836 words)
AN: While the changes may appear subtle at first, this is set in an alternate universe where the Time War happened quite differently from the version we know in canon; how it diverged from what we know is something you'll find out over time, but pay close attention to the fine details and you might find some clues...

AN 2: Thanks are owed to WickedForGood13, whose story 'Keeping Faith' inspired some later elements of this story- they'll feature in the first few chapters, so that's not a significant spoiler- and whose worth as a second opinion on this story is unquestionably appreciated

2. The Crack [Reviews - 0] (3209 words)
AN: I've skipped over the scenes involving the Doctor discarding Amelia's prior food suggestions, but this begins as he's eating the fish custard; hope you like it

AN 2: Again, changes are subtle, but pay attention; the little details will add up before I present the bigger picture...

3. Seven Years Later [Reviews - 0] (4579 words)
AN: I took some inspiration for this chapter- and the original idea for this story, actually- from WickedForGood13's story "Keeping Faith", and use them with her permission

AN 2: As always, note the clues; things are going to get very interesting as things go on...

4. Containing the Prisoner [Reviews - 1] (4974 words)
AN: Hope you like this chapter; capturing the Doctor's mental state at this point was not as simple as you'd assume- to say nothing of the need to adjust his solution to stop Prisoner Zero based on the fact that technology's slightly less advanced than it was in the 'actual' course of events (Keep in mind that he's going after Prisoner Zero five years before he did in the show)-, but I like to think I did an OK job

5. Facing the Atraxi [Reviews - 1] (2589 words)

6. Beginning a Life with Old Friends [Reviews - 1] (3510 words)
AN: For reference, I'm assuming that the country house the Doctor visits here is somewhere near London, but otherwise I feel comfortable being relatively lax about specific travel time given the vehicle he'll be acquiring here...

AN 2: Some vague spoilers for the Eighth Doctor novel 'Escape Velocity' here, but there's enough differences from the original plot that it shouldn't significantly spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the story already

7. Of Bessie, Bacon, and Changing History [Reviews - 1] (2916 words)
AN: This takes place a day or so after the last chapter- even with the Brigadier's contacts, it still took a while for the Doctor to make the kind of arrangements he needs to make here-, and returns to Amy and Leadworth; hope you like it

8. TARDIS Restored [Reviews - 1] (2689 words)
AN: Another short time-jump, this one begins with the Doctor settling into his new house a couple of days after the last chapter

9. The Mysterious Mr Smith [Reviews - 0] (2485 words)
AN: I'm taking a few guesses about where Amy and Rory went to secondary school, but given that they were still living in Leadworth in their early twenties I'm assuming that there was a bus service or something that they used to get to a school in a larger city nearby (It's not without precedent, either; I had a friend in senior school who lived in a small town about an hour's bus-ride outside the city, and he still managed to get into school in time for morning classes)

AN 2: Hope you like this chapter; I had a few problems with some of the fine details, but I think the final result worked out well, and hopefully things should be more straightforward in the next chapter

AN 3: Once again, if anyone has anything that they'd like the Doctor to encounter in this time period, let me know and I'll include it if I can

10. How to Coach Fish via Time Travel [Reviews - 0] (2971 words)
AN: A jump forward of a few months, including an overview of the intervening time before the Doctor and Amy travel to a very particular planet for an adventure that will be very different from canon, to the point where the Doctor won't even meet the same people he met originally...

AN 2: Points to anyone who can recognise the show that Amy quotes here

11. Another Distant Guardian [Reviews - 0] (2215 words)
AN: Another jump forward of a couple of months, this time focusing on the Doctor as he finds himself dealing with some of the more tedious parts of modern life, as well as running into a very particular person (A bit uncertain about the result, but I think what I came up with worked...)
AN 2: On a minor note, the Doctor's reference to him opening a restaurant occurred in the Fifth Doctor novel 'The Crystal Bucephalus'

12. The Perils of Poseidon [Reviews - 0] (4820 words)
AN: A few more months skipped over; we're now mid-way through Amy's summer holidays, almost a year after the Doctor came back into her life- so around 2005 in real-world terms-, and ready for another trip in the TARDIS...

AN 2: A reference to a couple of past adventures of the Doctor's that ended in a significantly different manner here to the way it ended in canon, but the real twist at this point is what adventure the Doctor and Amy are experiencing now (Most of the key plot elements will be the same as the original story, but I'm changing a few details to make it work more as a story rather than as a game, as well as altering some points to work with my long-term plot)

13. Death in the Corridors [Reviews - 0] (2864 words)
AN: Hope this works; the corridor sequences weren't easy...

14. Underneath the Mask [Reviews - 0] (3889 words)

15. Ending the Eldridge [Reviews - 1] (3468 words)
AN: Anyone seen "The Angels Take Manhattan"? Tragic ending, but an apt way to end Amy and Rory's time in the TARDIS- particularly given Amy's bond with the Doctor making it hard for him to leave her willingly- while still giving us the hope that they had a good life...

For what it's worth, I can assure that this series is not planned to end in such a manner, and I have quite a few adventures in mind before I reach the conclusion (Although I can't promise that Rory will feature to a significant degree).

16. Musings on Life and Death [Reviews - 0] (1736 words)
AN: A short chapter, but I'm hoping for a longer one up next

17. Caught in a Web [Reviews - 0] (2886 words)
AN: Another jump forward, this time to approximately Christmas of the same year; a shorter chapter, but I felt that it explored a few personal developments that the Doctor needed to explore, and I do have a particular rewrite coming up that you won't be expecting...

18. Marooned in the Wasteland [Reviews - 0] (3114 words)
AN: As promised, a new take on a very particular story, as Amy meets some former companions for the first time...

We don't get into the action of that story yet, but it should be obvious what's coming up, so I hope you like my 'prequel' before we get to canon.

19. Initiate Artron Biological Transference [Reviews - 0] (3006 words)
AN: Hope this meets with your approval; writing the other side of the transference was not easy…

AN 2: For those who don't know, the Doctor's reference to an encounter with the Tractites refers to the Eight Doctor's meeting with Jo Grant in the novel 'Genocide', when a group of Tractites- horse-like aliens whose planet was conquered by Earth's empire at some future date- went back in time and changed history to erase humanity from existence; Jo was unintentionally dragged back in time along with the Tractites' human ally when a friend asked her to investigate what turned out to be their time machine.

Considering that most of what was revealed about Jo's life in the novel was contradicted by later events- she only had one son and was divorced from Cliff while working two jobs-, I'm assuming that the Doctor was able to 'tweak' things slightly while returning Jo home to give her a better life, exploiting the fact that history was being rewritten already, thus accounting for her more positive past in 'Death of the Doctor'

20. Reflections of Past Companions [Reviews - 0] (2455 words)
AN: Just to clarify, all scenes back on Earth with Clyde, Rani and Santiago will be the same as they were in the original episode, so they won't be appearing here directly

21. The Memory Weave [Reviews - 0] (4067 words)
AN: To confirm for all concerned, the scenes with Clyde, Rani and Santiago being trapped and the Doctor rescuing them are the same as they were originally; I'll be focusing on what's changed

22. Dinner with the Queen [Reviews - 0] (1712 words)
AN: Another jump forward, this one featuring an audio companion, which I hope will meet with your approval despite its brevity; we're coming up to a particular set of events, and I thought the Doctor and Amy could do with a break before getting into that…

23. The Alien Mermaid [Reviews - 0] (3069 words)
AN: With this particular jump forwards, we find ourselves in the Easter holidays of 2006, where- based approximately on the canonical timeline- a VERY particular event is about to take place…

AN 2: Without giving away too much too soon, the villains' actions will be mostly the same as they were in the original course of events; naturally things will only start to diverge for the villains when the Doctor actually meets them face-to-face.

AN 3: Hope this works; it was surprisingly hard to adapt some parts of this story while exploring the differences between the Eleventh Doctor and the Doctor who was there originally…

24. Attack in Downing Street [Reviews - 0] (3565 words)
AN: Hope this chapter meets with everyone's approval; I skipped over the scenes with Amy and Harriet Jones in the cabinet room as it was so similar to what originally happened to Rose that it wasn't worth rewriting, but those events will be discussed soon

25. Averting World War Three [Reviews - 0] (3449 words)

26. Uncomfortable Revelations [Reviews - 0] (1433 words)
AN: Not the longest chapter, but it does cover an important emotional revelation for one of our protagonists…

27. The Christmas Invasion [Reviews - 0] (3741 words)
AN: The last episode rewrite for this story, as the Doctor and Amy face a very particular threat from canon in a very different manner to how it went originally…

28. The History of Paradox [Reviews - 0] (6226 words)
AN: A brief segment here is taken from the Eighth Doctor novel "The Ancestor Cell", but I will provide a background summary to put it in context; hope you like the results as I explain what happened in the Doctor's past that made him so skittish about the topic of the Faction…

29. Leaving Leadworth [Reviews - 0] (2648 words)
AN: The last chapter, as Amy and the Doctor deal with their last business in Leadworth before departing (I wanted to upload this before the Eleventh Doctor regenerates); hope you like it

AN 2: In advance, I apologise if Amy comes across as cruel in her interaction with Rory; I'm trying to go for the idea that she's just never had a reason to look at him that way in Melody's absence, but I acknowledge that I might have failed to get the right balance