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The Doctor glares at the console from his position on one of the seats, his arms crossed over his chest. A scowl is plastered onto his face, and something in his eyes tells Amy that she’s done something wrong. Well, that — and the generally angry looking exterior of the Time Lord.

“Doctor?” she asks tentatively, approaching him on tiptoes. She gives him a large grin, trying to get him to smile. He acts like he hasn’t even seen her. “Doctor, are you okay?” She moves around to stand in front of him, waving in his face. He turns his head away distastefully, looking as though she’s just slapped him. Amy groans loudly, slumping down into one of the seats next to him. She leans across onto his arm rest, pouting.

“Is someone feeling grumpy?” she whines teasingly, a smile playing onto her face. He closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing in anger.

“Amy, not now,” he mutters, keeping his eyes closed. Amy tilts her head, raising an eyebrow. He opens one eye and glances at her, totally serious. “Amy. I’m not in the mood.” She rises dramatically, slapping the back of her hand against her forehead.

“Oh, woe is thee,” she drawls, gliding around the console. “How woeful thou art.”

“Amy,” the Doctor warns, having closed his eyes again. Amy continues, glad to have got his attention.

“Oh, ‘tis nobler for one Time Lord to pipe up and tell me what’s going on in that noggin of his than ‘tis for him to sit there and pout all day,” she chuckles, sitting back down and punching him playfully on the shoulder. The Doctor makes a strangled sort of noise from the back of his throat.

“Amy, not now,” he repeats, obviously losing his temper. “Go and talk to Rory, God knows you spend enough time with him.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Amy questions, pretending to speak into a microphone. “Why has the Doctor suddenly turned against Amy Pond and her husband? Stay tuned, folks, to find out the end of this fascinating story.”

“Amy!” The Doctor finally loses it, spinning around to face her. He looks furious. Amy gulps. “I’m fine with you doing whatever you want, I don’t care, to be brutally honest. But can’t you just return the favour and give me a moments’ peace?” Amy shrinks back into her chair as the Doctor gets to his feet, growling. “Just leave me alone, for once in your life. I want to be alone.” Blowing his fringe out of his eyes (an angry habit) he storms out of the control room, leaving Amy shaking in her boots.

“Well, it seems that we will never find out why the Doctor is so cranky,” she murmurs into her hand again, watching the corridor as his footsteps fade away. “I therefore close this case.” Pretending to switch off the microphone, she rises and glides out of the control room, yawning. The Doctor really overreacts sometimes.