notus memoria

by geronimoltobene [Reviews - 15]

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  • Angst, Character Study, Drama, Het, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

1. a vita impeditus - a life obstructed [Reviews - 5] (5236 words)
The title is Latin for "known memory." Donna's thoughts and words should have some familiarity to readers, if not to her. My knowledge of neurology comes pretty much from Wikipedia, and I kind of ran with the idea that Donna's physiology changed with the metacrisis. Migraine alert dogs do exist, however, as therapy dogs. Donna will be getting one soon.

No beta, American writer attempting Britishisms, all errors are my own.

2. alter respiro , ut caecus - a second to breathe, to blink [Reviews - 5] (6764 words)
Donna's life takes a turn for the better, and certainly more interesting. I think I like writing happy!Donna more than mopey!Donna, she's a lot more fun! Upping the rating to teen due to some non-graphic lovey bits. Donna's man has now been given a new full name and a background too.

I almost split this into two chapters, due to it being a lot longer than I thought it might. Nah...

3. fracta, perierat et inventus est - broken, lost and found [Reviews - 2] (6422 words)
Donna deals with the side effects of her actions, romance continues to bloom, bits of angst, and timey wimey-ness ensues!

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews! I finished this chunk of a chapter and immediately started on the next. My ending for this has changed from what I originally imagined but I like where we're going with Miss Donna. I do enjoy writing her. Eleven on the other hand, I kept hearing Ten in my head rather than him. I think a Ten/Donna adventure may be in my future. Enjoy!

4. amare, saltare, ridere, ut - to love, to dance, to laugh, to be [Reviews - 1] (5326 words)
Little angst, lots of happy, and a smattering of foreshadowing. Plus cameos, I love cameos. And dancing, there's a wedding, and the Doctor always dances! Thanks for the reviews, please keep them coming, they keep me going. Perhaps one more chapter to go after this one, I don't know how it goes til I write it but we're heading towards the end......

5. et iterum ab ortu usque ad occasum - birth to death and beginning again [Reviews - 2] (5864 words)
Here we are, the final chapter. Admittedly, this isn't the direction I originally was headed but it seemed to want to go this way. But I think it works. Thanks all for reading and reviewing!