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"OK. OK. I really loved the fun part and I didn't mind so much the icky part and I know when we did it I'd have to sort things but Sexy, what do I do now?" The Doctor walked around the tiny cot that graced his bedroom, its occupant sleeping contently from his last feed.

The Doctor was a mess. He lost his bow-tie; his shirt was covered with sick. His room smelled and not in a good way. Only hours ago River had lain on their bed, the bed where he had lost his virginity in the most remarkable and amazing ways, and given birth to their son. It had nearly killed him to leave her at Stormcage but she had made promises and insisted on keeping them.

Now he was alone with an alien creature that weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. He had 10 fingers, 10 toes and 2 remarkable hearts. His head was covered with a mop of soft red curls. He was 10 hours old and due to improper burping techniques had spat up twice.

River had shown him how to to do it correctly exacting a promise that he would not come back until she was properly sorted. She made him practice all the techniques she taught him.

They had even gone to classes. He had taken her from Stormcage on a regular basis to attend antenatal classes in London just like regular people. Well, they were regular people, but not like those other regular people. He had practiced the bathing and the burping and the changing just like the other dads. It should have worked. He even got an A on nappy changing and was very proud. No one explained the baby would actually move while he was changing it. They had left out the part about how absolutely disgusting it.....ick would be. Nor had they mentioned if you took a nappy off a boy he would water you. Time Lord children did not water their dads. It just wasn't done.

He circled the cot, looking at its tiny occupant. He had exactly two hours, thirty minutes and fifteen seconds to figure out what to do. He could go to Rory and Amy but they would laugh. Besides, Amy was six months pregnant with his uncle. How weird was that going to be at family reunions? Still, he had to take him to see his grandparents. Just not today.

A huge smile broke on his face. He knew exactly where to go. He tore out of the room to the console, running around it like the exhausted madman he truly was, plugging in the coordinates, flipped off the handbrake and admonished Sexy to be gentle as she landed. He grabbed his jacket and headed out the door, leaving the TARDIS to play soft Gallifreyan music to maintain a calm, quiet atmosphere.

He walked down the short street, hugging the stone wall until he reached the house he was looking for. He took a deep breath and knocked. No one came. Maybe he had gotten the date wrong. He had been very careful with the date. He rang the doorbell.... and again.... and again. A bit long that time. The door yanked open, revealing an irate person with sick on his shirt.


"Hello, Craig, is Sophie home?"