Author's Notes:
Just wrote it in a non-stop frenzy, am immediately posting it. I'd write post-Invasion-of-Time stories every day if I could, probably! That or Leela stories, set anyplace. Maybe the Doctor can come along...

If that room Dr 4 left from wasn't the Panopticon, please, someone let me know...

The Fourth Doctor's Tardis had wheezed itself off to another time and another place minutes earlier, leaving the assemblage in the Panopticon to break up and leave at their own speed. Leela, Andred, and K-9 remained, their voices echoing more and more, as more people left the room.

"Well... what now?' Andred asked, expectantly. There was a pause... "Well?"

"Shhhh," Leela shushed. "K-9 and I are not quite done being sad, yet." She and K-9 continued to hold their heads down, Leela squatting so as to be at K-9's level. Their heads were held down at the same angle, making their forlornness very symmetrical.

Andred had risen to his feet some time ago. "I'm sad too, really I am," he said.

"Shhhh." K-9 hissed, though this may have been some sort of hydraulics problem. So it went for nearly three minutes, with Leela shifting her balance so her feet did not fall asleep, and Andred doing the same. Then, they heard a small, discrete "ding", and K-9 spoke up again. "I set my internal timer for the maximum time that you ever remain sad, mistress."

"You are right, K-9, I think it is time we started our new lives, here," Leela said, rising.

Andred tried to hide a smile, and failed. "I'd say that we've had a good start on that life already, over the past couple of weeks!" Andred stood, hands behind back, and Leela, having looked for some place to sit and finding none, continued to stand also. The crowd had all left, by this point.

Leela's brow furrowed a bit for a moment, then a sort of wry, amused expression came over her. "For a moment, I assumed you meant something to do with the victory celebrations, and could not guess..."

"The most important part of the celebrations, I would say!" Andred burst out.

"Those festivities were private, meant just for two," Leela pointed out. She stretched a bit, to get over the protracted crouch.

"Excuse me mistress, but I was present for one of those festivities, so it was then three!" K-9 helpfully observed.

Andred was slightly terse. "I've been meaning to talk to you about that..."

"I do not like to leave him on his own! He is just a dog, after all..."

"A very chatty dog, who likes to gossip with anyone who can't get away fast enough!" Andred shot back. "I expect that's how the whole Citadel found out we're having sex!"

"Yes, I expect so," Leela agreed, voice trailing off, disinterested. She'd been looking in the direction of the disappeared Tardis, then turned to look into his face. "Oh! Is this one of those things I am supposed to know that you disapprove of?" She genuinely hoped she had covered up any sarcasm in her voice.

"Well, yes, of course!"

"Do you not like K-9?" Leela asked.

Andred had just a hint of red in his face. "It's not a matter of liking him! Some things should be private! And not interrupted by a confused running commentary in an electronic voice!"

"Everybody is very happy for us, you know..."

"Alright, alright, I have no real cause for complaint I suppose..." Andred paused, and smiled for real this time. "Have you thought about what date we should set? For the wedding?"

Leela's forehead wrinkled a bit, again. "I said yes, when you asked. To be honest, I did not really know what it was that you meant. Were we not married when the festivities began?"

Andred spoke cautiously, "I... know there was quite a bit of wine, at an official party for the higher-ups, not to mention a lot of spontaneous oratory on our parts at the expense of the collaborators, especially those Time Lords who popped away in time capsules for the duration... and of course then we celebrated in our own way... I just don't remember any... ceremony that night."

Leela was also confused. "Were our... festivities not the marriage ceremony? When we... all your words for it seem to be very blunt or businesslike, and unromantic... when we..."

"Had relations?" Andred helped, though not much.

"Oh, alright..." Leela relented. "Yes, when we had relations, if that was not a marriage, what was it? We did not shake hands, after all. We joined."

Andred thought, looking elsewhere for a couple moments, then looking back into her face. "Amongst the Seveteem, how do they conduct the marriage ceremony? What kind of ritual is there?"

A small, controlled impatience crept into Leela's voice, now. "As I say, the woman or man begins by showing attraction in whatever ways that person chooses to... sometimes there are candles..."

"Now we're getting somewhere!" Andred exclaimed, apparently a bit relieved. "Primi-- I mean, tribal rituals often involve lighting candles!! See, I may be no academician, but I do watch anthropology vids!" He folded his arms over his chest, self-satisfied. "Then what happens?"

Leela let out an audible, frustrated sigh. "I just happen to like candles. If you do not, we can change that, next time."

Andred really felt he was closing in on total comprehension. "So... what's the very next thing that happens in the ceremony, after the lighting of the candles?"

Leela felt that if this went on much longer, she would either explode in frustration, or laughter. Without understanding her husband's meaning, it was impossible to know which, yet... "Well, one whom I love, we... do what we did. I am tired of worrying what to call it! I'll have to teach you some of our words... We have ... relations! Sex! We make the beast with four buttocks!! I am sorry, that one sounds more romantic in our language..."

Andred's Gallifreyan mouth made a big "O". He was shocked. It was always a high point in the day for Leela, when she could shock him. It wasn't very hard. Andred's apoplexy let go of his tongue, and he sputtered out, "What... you mean... IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR WEDDING GUESTS??!!"

"Guests?!" Leela sputtered, herself, though from holding back a laugh in her case. "Some things should be private, Andred!!" Leela then grinned very broadly, taking the wind out of Andred's shock, and inducing the beginnings of a similar smile in him.

"There are no religious dignitaries, no guests... so it's not really a ceremony? You don't believe in marriage?" Andred said, tension falling.

"Well, if you want a crowd next time I will consider it, but I am definitely not inviting Borusa. Now that I think of it, guests could misinterpret it as an orgy. I recieved an invitation to one once on my world, but the idea makes me uncomfortable. As for marriage, I believe in it very strongly, and have enjoyed being married to you very much, these past two weeks!" Another broad, heartwarming grin broke on Leela's face.

Leela had her arms folded and was leaning back against a pillar, with her eyes fixed upon Andred's. Andred, however, darted his eyes around the room, shifted his weight from one foot to the other and back again, trying to puzzle this thing out. Leela, no longer puzzled, had got there first, or was in the general neighborhood... and waited for the next question.

Andred spoke. "The sex IS the ceremony? That's all there is to it? And we're married? I mean, according to the customs of your tribe?"

"According to the LAWS of my tribe, yes, and I believe Gallifrey honors alien laws of this kind."

"I'm very glad, of course, but... please don't misunderstand, but I feel odd about this. I didn't know. So I didn't really have a choice, did I?"

Leela stared.

"I mean... I wanted to set the date just a couple of minutes ago, didn't I? I WANT us to marry. So... what am I leery of, exactly? I know it's something..." Andred mused. "Ah! I've got it! How do people get divorced? Is it even possible to divorce, in the Sevateem?"

Leela stared.

"Leela, I love you. Please let me know this one thing, and trust for now that I have a good reason to ask. What is the procedure for divorce? It's one thing to want to be married more than anything else, and I do, most definitely... but it's quite another thing, to find out one is already married, and that the State is coercing one to remain so. Is divorce possible?"

Leela thawed slightly. "Either one of us can, of course, choose not to... have sex with the other. Either one of us can leave, and live in some other way, with someone else, or without. I know of no power that would compel us to... intertwine, if one does not wish it. My love."

"So..." Andred started, sounding as if a great load was off his shoulders. "No official ceremony or paperwork for that, either?"

"Oh...!" Leela responded, amused again. "This is one of those matters in which a thing is not considered to be real, unless a certain person writes upon a piece of paper that it is so." Her face radiated the expression of "Eureka!"

"Uh... yes."

"We don't have that," Leela went on.

"Yes, I'm coming to understand that," Andred said.

Leela added, "We don't have paper."

"You don't have to rub it in, Leela, really you don't. I feel quite foolish already."

"Or pens."

Andred grunted. "I'm sure you don't have rubber stamps or inkpads, either, so you?"

Leela feigned thinking about this for a few seconds. "Hmm... no. No we do not." She paused. They turned to leave the hall, and put their arms around each other's waists. K-9 whirred along behind them, as they left. "I believe I know what we should do next, so as to take my mind off of my friend's departure. We should be married again." She let a laugh out, finally, joined by Andred.

"Let's get married every day!" Andred replied, as their forms and voices faded down the hall.

The End.....