Happily Ever After

by Galesgal [Reviews - 69]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Het, Romance

Thomas Milligan walked into his office, humming. He knew that Tish was a mistake. If he wanted answers, Francine was the key. Francine would be livid to find out her daughter had been with that alien. He had played her like a fiddle, and man, was she tuned.

He couldn't keep the smile from his face with what greeted him in his office. A spunky little redhead, dressed as a cop sat behind his desk. He had heard about Kiss-o-Grams, but he had never received one.

"You wouldn't happen to be Dr. Thomas Milligan, would you?" the spunky redhead asked.

"Yes I am. Who put you up to this? Was it Ken down in A&E?” he smiled at her.

"No, someone wanted me to give you something special," she told him.

"Oh yeah?" he asked, and she smiled.

"This is from Tish," she stated, slapping him in the face.

"This is from Jamie," she told him as she kneed him in the groin.

Francine was ready to give Tom a piece of her mind. When she went to open the door, a redhead came bouncing out. She looked inside and found Tom on the floor, and then looked back for the girl, calling her name as she went by. When she looked, though, the girl was out of sight. Francine tuned back to the object of her rage.

"Tom, a word please," she said as she entered and slammed his door.

Jeremy thought to himself there was nothing creepier than being at a circus after hours. Why did they have to have clowns on everything?

"Not a fan of the circus?" Lily asked as she walked alongside him.

"No, I'm not. I mean…clowns. How can they think kids would find something so horrible looking comforting? Wasn't there a child molester who dressed as one? Not to mention that horror movie. No, I hate them!" Jeremy almost shouted.

"Hey now, get a hold of yourself. The clowns can't hurt you. Forget about them, what about the Lokni? I mean neither one of us are in a coma. How the hell are we supposed to know if we're alone or not?”


"I think that's the whole point," she said.

"What?" he asked, not getting it.

"We're bait."

"Oh." He frowned when it hit him.

Martha hung up the phone in frustration.

"Problem?" Jamie asked, noticing her frustration.

"My phone it hasn't rung all day. My mother always calls me and she hasn't called."

"I never thought I would see the day you craved your mother's call. Then there's the time difference. Maybe she realizes it after midnight and you should be resting."

"No, I left Julius with her; she has to call in for an update. Jamie, are you listening to me?" she asked.

"Is this the place, Laura?" he asked as Laura had appeared in front of him once more.

"Yes, this is where they sleep. You have to hurry; my parents are going turn off the machines. I'll die!" she shouted, clearly upset.

"I promised that nothing was going to happen to you. See you soon," he told her as he entered the room.

Martha calmed her heartbeat when he entered. When she walked in behind him, she gasped when he collapsed to the floor, but she quickly got a hold of herself. He was going to an out-of-body showdown.

Francine waited patiently as Tom left to collect himself. She wondered who that young woman was. She was definitely younger than the woman he had been seeing, and she was with the police. Francine knew her name, though. That was what had her puzzled.

"Thanks for waiting, Francine. What do you have for me?" he asked with a smile.

"Nothing. I cannot believe I was going to do that to my daughter. I trust her, and she says that you are the father, then you are. I refuse to help you drag her name through the mud like a segment on Jeremy Lyle!"

"You do realize that I was being kind. My name is on record of his birth. I can come over there and take him anytime I like."

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"You heard me. Have him ready by noon would ya?" he asked in his sweetest tone.

"You really are a monster aren’t you?" she asked in disbelief

"Says you."

For the first time, Francine thought she saw the person Martha warned her about. This was not the caring doctor she was thrilled her daughter had married. This was a monster that had all the wrong things on his mind.

"You can't have him!" She shouted, rising to her feet.

"You can't stop me," he told her, retreating back.

"His vitals are all over the place!" Jeremy shouted as he listened to Jamie's chest.

"We never should have taken him from the circus!" Lily shouted.

"We did the right thing. We were defenseless there. We have no psychic ability at all. They could have gotten us. We have to keep him safe."

"But how is he supposed to get back in it?" Lily asked seriously.

When she said this, Martha Jones realized she owed Rose an apology. The Doctor usually picked his companions carefully, but Lily was making her question that. She really wasn't very bright.

"He doesn't have to be near it!" she snapped. "Come on, Jeremy. Help me get him under the covers."

Jeremy knew that Martha was getting in the zone. He knew not to argue. He grabbed the feet and helped her get him to the bed.

Jamie followed Laura closely. He had to get the Lokni and fast. He could hear Martha's panic. They had left the circus. He never really thought they would do that, but he guessed they didn't want to be bait.

"You don't belong here!" said a voice from the shadows.

"Show yourself!" Jamie shouted. He reached in his coat and was thrilled that there was an astral projection of the sonic screwdriver. He began to scan the area, looking for the sound. "Show yourself. I can help you, but you have to stop using these people as fuel."

"We need them. There's never enough to make it home. They burn up so fast. We burn it all, and none of it goes to storage. It was good with her, but even now, she is not good enough for storage," the Lokni explained.

"I will help. Anyway, I can to see you home, but using these people is wrong. I will help you repair your engine and then you can be....her? What do you mean her?" he asked, realizing what he had said.

"Come, I will show you," the head Lokni, who had disguised himself as The Ringmaster, said.

"I don't have much time!" Laura shouted.

Then -- and only then -- did he notice that she seemed to be fading.

"You have to let these people go now!" he demanded.

"If we let them go how are we to get home? We only took a few, and only the young ones."

"Keep me. If I can't help you or repair your engine, then use me as fuel."

"We can tell you are different. What are you?" the Lokni asked.

"I'm a Time Lord," Jamie told him proudly. He didn't notice the look of astonishment or pure joy on the Lokni's face. He only heard his words.


Then, Laura vanished from Jamie’s side.

"No!" Laura shouted when she awoke in the hospital.

Martha was to her side immediately, checking her vitals as Jeremy went to phone the other hospitals to ask of the other patients’ condition.

"How do you feel?" Martha asked as she shined a light in the girl’s eyes.

"I'm fine, but the Doctor…you have to help; they are going to kill him.”

Francine knew that Tom meant to follow through on his threat when she approached her house and found Leo talking to the police.

"What has happened?" she asked.

"Dad took Julius to the park and someone hit him from behind and snatched the baby.”

"Who would do such a thing?" Francine asked.

"Who the hell do you think? Dr. Thomas Milligan, worst father of the year, that's who,” Tish told her mother as she joined them outside, “I told the authorities, and guess what? He resigned from his job."

"I talked to him earlier and he told me he wanted me to have him ready by noon," Francine told the officer, "I said no, and he told me he was the father and that I couldn't stop him."

"I'm calling Martha," Tish shouted as she re-entered the house.

Thomas Milligan quickly loaded his car. Something in the back of his mind told him what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn't help himself. For months Martha had told him that he was the only one and she loved him dearly. When he looked into the eyes of that boy he saw so much except the one thing he needed: familiarity. He kept tabs on Martha and he knew about Jeremy. He knew that the alien could change his face. She had gone to America, and reunited with her Doctor.

And in return, he would take what she loved more than anything. He would take Julius, and every day he would remind the boy of the bitch he had for a mother. If Tom ever was to be found, the seeds would be planted. It was the perfect way to teach her a lesson for making a fool of him.

"Thomas Milligan!" shouted a voice from behind him.

When he looked to see who it was, he saw a young man not much older than twenty. What was odd was that he wore a bow tie.

"Tom, you need to stop this, and stop it now," the young man told him.

"Stop what? Do I even know you?" he asked the stranger.

"Whether you know me or not is not important. What is important is that if you leave here now with Julius, your life will be over."

"Oh really?" he questioned. Tom didn't know who this stranger thought he was, but he was going to give him a piece of his mind. He also didn't know that while he put the stranger in his place, a certain redhead from earlier was taking precious cargo from his car.

Jamie was feeling very uneasy, following the Lokni. He had told him how they had landed there two years ago. How the woman had dropped to the sky and agreed to help them. They told him they hadn't asked, but she hooked herself up to the battery. Then, he came face to face with their helper.

"Oh my god," he gasped

"Hi, Dad," Jenny said weakly, mustering up a smile.