Happily Ever After

by Galesgal [Reviews - 69]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Het, Romance

Jeremy couldn't believe that he was running through the hallways with a man who had just had an heart attack a day ago. A very serious heart attack, and he was running around like he was a child. That wasn't even the most incredible part, though. They were on their way to fight aliens.

"Okay, so we need to contact UNIT, right?" Jeremy asked.

"Martha, what have you been telling him? We call them, they find out I'm here, and then they're guns and red berets everywhere, and who needs that? It would be no good to anyone if I couldn't handle a Lokni manifestation on my own."

"But it's just us and Jamie, and you're only human," she told him.

As soon as the words were from her mouth, she wanted to take them back. The look of hurt on his face was enough to make her weep.

"Jamie, I didn’t mean--"

"It's fine, Martha. I guess I will have to prove myself. It shouldn't take long. Ah, here's reinforcements." he stated as the black SUV drove up.

Tish Jones was mentally kicking herself as she sat in the café, waiting for Tom.

"Tish, I'm so glad you could make it," he told her, kissing her cheek as he sat.

"You’ve got fifteen minutes, and I only came because you mentioned Julius. The things you said about my sister--"

"Hey now, I come in peace. I want to help Julius," he told her, putting his arms up. He needed to stop her, because she would go on and on and say nothing. She really wasn't that bright, but had a temper.

"Fine, what do you need to know?"

"Who is the real father, that alien or the Torchwood whore?" he demanded.

Martha had been quiet the whole ride to Jeremy's flat. She guessed it was seeing Lily. She was thrilled to meet her, and gave her a hug, but Lily and the Doctor had jokes no one understood but them, and just seemed to click. Lily, really? Another damn flower? Why did it seem like Martha was doing her best to sabotage this before it started? She knew why, because of Julius.

"Martha, pull the duffle from under the bed and fill it with the contents of those to drawers. I need to get something from the wardrobe."

Martha did as the Doctor told her. She couldn't help but notice how he wasn't interacting with her at all. Mind you, Jeremy was currently downstairs flirting with Ms. Pink and Yellow, but she was not falling for the constant flip of her hair, or that smile. How the hell did her mouth hold all those teeth? She knew she was over-reacting and just needed to talk to Jamie.

"Jamie?" she looked around, noticing there was no Jamie. She also noticed there were two other doors in the room. One was extremely blue. She felt heart speed up as she approached it.

Tom had gotten absolutely nowhere with Tish. Well, he got to drop forty quid on a lunch, but when it came to answers nothing. He had to know. Why would she do it? He was attractive and he was going places in his career. Martha should have been thrilled to have him. Did she not realize how she broke him?

"I hope you know I do not appreciate being summoned. If you want to talk to me, call me up and ask. You don't have your office manager command me."

"Francine, you are absolutely right, and for that I give you my deepest apologies. I should have just called you. I am begging you. Why did your daughter ruin my life?"

"Oh, my God!" Martha shrieked when she went inside the wardrobe. She stepped out, and was in Jamie's bedroom. She stepped back in, and it was the TARDIS.

"It's the TARDIS!" Martha shrieked.

"What were you expecting, Narnia?" He smiled.

"So, you work with Martha, right?" Lily asked, smiling at Jeremy.

"Yeah, and we're best mates, as she would say," he replied uncomfortably.

"And you’re madly in love with her, and she could care less. He's the same way."

"Oh yes, forever in the friend zone." Jeremy laughed.

"Sucks, doesn't it?" Lily sighed.

"Jamie, this is the TARDIS," Martha smiled, sitting on the jump seat.

"Martha, really, did you think he would just leave me stranded? Now we won't be able to travel for at least ten years, but then…oh Martha, there's so much I want to show you!"

"So, explain this to me. How is she here?"

"The Doctor broke a piece of her off. They’re grown, Martha, but Donna told me how to speed up the process."

"Oh, yeah, I sent her an invite to the wedding. It was returned."

"Oh, Martha, you can't contact her. If you do she could die. It’s dangerous...I can't..." he paused, gasping.

"Hey, take it easy. You shouldn't even be out of bed. You sit right there, and I will get you a drink." she told him, easing him into the captain's chair.

Jamie sighed. There was so much he had to tell Martha. He felt so tired, and what he was about to do was going make it worse. He closed his eyes, only to be greeted by the Master's cackles. He had no idea why he kept seeing his face.

"I know that!" He shouted to the TARDIS when she nudged his mind. "I know, old girl, but this neither the time nor the place."
"Martha won't understand any of that. It's best she thinks I am the metacrisis."

"Well, for one I only got the one heart and no TARDIS. She will never believe me."

"Oh, I didn't mean you weren't real," he sighed, realizing he hurt the old girl’s feelings.

"I can’t tell Martha that I gave up my ship and I gave up a heart for her, and I am not the Time Lord, but I am not a metacrisis. She won't understand."

"Sometimes lying is for the best. I'm not hurting her," he continued arguing with his ship.

Martha couldn't help but smile when she walked through her ship. Yeah, she meant hers. It was like coming home. She saw Jamie pacing and she knew something was wrong.

"Jamie, are you alright?" she asked, approaching him.

"What did Tom do to you?" he demanded.

Martha didn’t think she liked that look in his eyes. She knew this would be a very long conversation that they didn’t need to be having now.