Happily Ever After

by Galesgal [Reviews - 69]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Het, Romance

It had taken Martha about an hour but she managed to get him to sleep. She was afraid that she was going to have to sedate him but just her pressed against him did the trick. She was shocked because unlike the Doctor, he shared his dream. However, she could still tell he was holding something back.

He told her that The Master was holding her and he was trying to save her. He also told her she was very fat. She guessed she was pregnant. He also told her it was a "Rose dream". He had on brown, and brown was for Rose. She was thrilled to find out that the blue was just for her. It got her to thinking about something that had happened a few years back.

Martha looked at herself in the mirror. Her makeup was perfect; you could barely tell she had been crying. She and Tom had only been married a few months and now she had to say goodbye. She was proud of what he was doing; they really did need doctors all around but having to be without him hurt.

His family was surprising him with a huge party and as his wife she would be there. She knew it was selfish but a part of her wanted him to stay but that would be selfish of her wouldn't it.

She was heading for the door, but she got the shock of her life in her kitchen.

"Doctor is that you?" she asked the severely disheveled skinny man before her."

"I made it, Martha Jones! Hello!" he told her, giving a smile which did not reach his eyes.

"Doctor, what happened? I'll get my kit." She helped him ease back into her kitchen chair. She turned to get up and he grabbed her.

"No, I'm fine. I just needed to see you. I needed to make sure everything was okay. He doesn't win. I just wanted to say thanks."

Martha felt scared. Why was he saying thanks? Where had he come from? He was wearing the brown suit. It was all crumpled and he was skinny.

"Doctor, are you alright? You're scaring me. Who did this to you?" she asked, getting pissed. She would hurt whoever did something to him.

"It's fine. You’re here and you’re happy. A little one will be good for you."

Martha didn't know what to make of the Doctor. He was acting very strangely. Then before she realized what was happening, he leaned in and gave her the biggest kiss.

"Doctor!" she shouted, alarmed.

“Be brave, Martha. You’re incredible." He beamed.

Before she could even react he vanished into thin air. She sat there, stunned.

She found out about the baby a few weeks later. She phoned the Doctor, but he didn't answer. She looked back in the room and she smiled. Jamie was there, he could be so much for her. The question was, could she really believe he was there for her?

Jeremy Mayer was at the circus feeling sorry for himself. There was nothing here that he wanted to see. The clowns were hideous of course, and the freaks were in full form. The bearded lady was too attractive and their Elephant Man would make Joseph Merrick say “what?”, but he was there because Martha wanted it.

Martha had come to town and stolen his heart. He didn't know if it was the accent or the fire that she tried to tone down. She had worked with UNIT and traveled in time and space. She was a hero and she didn't even know.

To him she was everything. He did not even care she had a kid. He never wanted a woman with a lot of baggage, but now he would gladly raise that child as his own. There was just one problem: Jamie Nobleman, formerly known as the Doctor.

Martha was about to head back to Jamie when her cellphone rang. At first she didn’t answer, but thought better of it. What if something happened to Julius? She took a deep breath and picked up.

"Hi mum," she answered.

"Oh good, because of the time I started to hang up. I never can get used to the time difference. All the more reason for you to stop being silly and come home."

"Don't start. I like it here. A fresh start, and don't think I'm stupid. You can't have Julius much longer. I have ways of getting him and being back in twenty," she told her mom in good humor.

"Sweetheart, he has a routine here. He is doing quite well. He can sit on his own now. Ms. Hancock at the nursery is mad about him. She gives him the attention he needs. There, he would be a distraction."

"My son is not a distraction!" she shouted, causing a sleeping Jamie to stir. She took a chair from his room and sat outside his room. "My son is not a distraction," she told her again firmly.

"Oh love that's not what I meant. Tom says--"

"Tom? Are you taking my son to see that man? He has no right! He lost it the day he served me with papers and accused me of being a whore!" she shouted, cutting her mom off. She sighed. This was going to be a long conversation.

Laura James was lost. The circus was supposed to be fun -- and it was, until she lost her mommy and daddy. She had been searching for them for ages. Rounding a corner, Laura bumped into someone. Oh, she hoped they'd help. When she looked into its face she was shocked, and did what anyone would in that situation: she screamed.

The scream was the first interesting thing to happen at the circus in the past hour. It had Jeremy up on his feet in no time, searching for the person who screamed. He may not be the Doctor, but he still could be a hero.