Happily Ever After

by Galesgal [Reviews - 69]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Het, Romance

Dr. Tom Milligan sat on an airplane nursing his brandy. He was on his way to the States. He was on his way to Martha. She needed him. Well, that’s what he had been told, at least. The thing is, he had no clue who the messenger was, but he knew he hated her with every fiber of his being. Just when he was about to confess everything to Martha, she paid him one more visit. The visit that had him on this very plane.

"What the hell are you pulling Milligan?" the woman shouted.

"Haven't I told you about popping up like that?"

"You tried to steal something that doesn't belong to you!"

"He isn't a pawn. I thought he was my son, and I loved him. You just want me to give him up. Who are you anyway?"

"That's not important."

"It is! I know all about that year when I died and he didn't give a damn about her then. He ignored her and it broke her in so many ways. Now you made me hurt her in more ways than he ever could. You let her catch us..." he paused, unable to finish that thought.

"We weren't doing anything. I'm a married woman," she laughed as she tousled her blonde hair.

Exactly, and you keep telling me things are going to be different. That in the end Martha will learn the truth and all will be forgiven. You say we will be together, but how can we when he is around?" He was about to see if he could get more out of his mystery blonde who appeared out of nowhere, but she began to mumble to someone in an earpiece.

"We'll then, Tommyboy, it’s that time. Martha is about to lose something, and she is going to need someone to lean on."

"Why? She has her Doctor and they’re one big happy family. What could possibly make...no! He’s just a boy! I had him. I could keep him safe!"

“You're not strong enough to fight for him, but he will be."

"Oh, I see. I get to comfort the childless widow! Damn that Doctor!"

"She will need you, Tom, but it won't be permanent."

"But what--" his thoughts were cut once again by her fading away in the blinding light.

So here he was on a plane, and he had no idea what he was heading into.

Lily could not believe she was going to do this. Was she going to do this? How could she go in and take a baby? C.O.W. was why. Commonwealth of Worlds and their stupid acronyms. How could she go and subdue a babysitter and take a baby? Easy, it was for a greater good, and she wouldn't hurt him. If her water wouldn't work, she would use the child to get what she wanted. Yes, she could do this.

Jenny could tell the moment that her father and Martha went back in time. He disappeared from her head. That wasn't good for Julius. He didn't understand and he began cry. "It’s okay, Julius, Daddy will be back soon. Everything is just fine. I'm here." She did her best to soothe him. Then she heard the lock turn and her senses went into overdrive.

"Hi," Lily greeted her cheerfully.

"You're Lily, right?" Jenny asked carefully.

"Yes, oh my gosh, I get more and more amazed by that man every day. He saved you. Oh, and who is this little one?" Lily asked, approaching them.

"This is Martha's son Julius. I agreed to watch him while she had lunch with Dad," Jenny explained, trying to ease her way back to the safety of the TARDIS.

"Now I see why he was in such a hurry to find Martha. He looks just like his daddy," Lily smiled.

Jenny was no fool. She could pick up on the woman’s anxiety as well as her thoughts from the moment she walked in. She knew she would have to make a sacrifice. Jenny placed Julius down and lunged at Lily, but the woman was too strong and she wasn't at her full strength yet. Lily slipped a syringe from her pocket and stabbed Jenny in the thigh.

She pulled it away, but it was too late. She could feel the aspirin entering her system. She tried to grasp for Julius once more but the aspirin had taken a toll on her. Jenny watched as Lily scooped him up into her arms.

"Why?" she asked weakly.

"I'm sorry, Jenny, but you and your father -- no matter what good you do -- just don't belong here."

"Julius!" She screamed as Lily left with him. As the world around her became darker, she just hoped her father was being successful in 1969, because when he came back he would be facing bigger problems.