Human Practices

by mmorgan317 [Reviews - 0]

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1. Chapter One [Reviews - 0] (3096 words)
Takes place during and after Rise of the Cybermen. I saw a teensy bit of whump in the ep and decided to enhance it to my whumper's heart's desire. Hope you enjoy!

The first part* of the fic is a direct copy of what happened in Rise of the Cybermen. I sat on my computer, watched the specific scene and typed. I added what I thought each character was thinking or feeling but all the dialogue belongs to Doctor Who and whomever wrote that episode.

* A part is described (by me) the narrative and dialogue that is separated by the line breaks (~~~~~). Just an FYI

2. Chapter Two [Reviews - 0] (1573 words)
Alas - the end. It's a short but, in my opinion, sweet story. :)