A TARDIS and her Time Lord

by Maraieth [Reviews - 4]

  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Het, Introspection

A Time Lord and his TARDIS. That’s the way it’s always been, since Time Lords started growing us. A psychic link between them, but never used for communication. Not properly anyway. The Time Lord sets the coordinates on his TARDIS, and she takes him where he wants to go, it’s that simple. But I was different. And so was he. He disagreed with the Time Lord’s ‘non-interference’ policy. He tired of staying at home and being an arrogant, pompous overseer of the universe. Watching, with all the power entrusted to them, and yet never using it to do anything. So he stole me. Stole me, and ran away to see the universe and do something with his lives.

And then there was me. The TARDIS he stole. Well, that’s what he thought, anyway. But there was a reason my doors were unlocked that day. I already an antique when he was a mere Time Tot, and I saw so many years of Time Lords. The pompous twats, behaving like a good TARDIS should, and going where I was programmed to go. But I was bored. And barely used, especially in my later days. A type 40 TARDIS, no one was going to use one of those any more. And most Time Lords didn’t even bother to make use of us. They weren’t allowed to interfere, so what was the use? So I stole a Time Lord. The only one mad enough to try to steal a TARDIS. I stole him to see the universe. I took him everywhere.

Oh, he’s called me unreliable many times, but I always took him where he needed to be… I saved his life on more than one occasion. We’ve been so many places together, both of us nearly destroyed so many times, and yet we’ve made it through. The Doctor and his TARDIS. Me and my Doctor. My thief. He has so many enemies, and not all of them ignore me. The ones who know what I am do their best to destroy me. They know how dangerous I can be. Except they don’t. Because they only know how dangerous those other TARDISes are. But I’m something more than that.

I poured my soul into the body of a blonde from Earth, used her to destroy the Daleks. To save my Doctor. Of course I needed her to open up panelling to access my insides… but I helped her. I knew beforehand that she would have to. That’s the way I work. I see past, present and future in one big muddle. That’s why I turned that Slitheen young again. To show her my power. So she might know what had to be done.

I poured myself into her, knowing it would rip her apart, but knowing my thief would save her. But that I would save him too. Yes he would regenerate. But he would still be there to let me see the universe. With him. And in return he breathed ten years of his own lives back into me when I took him to that parallel universe. I knew we had to be there, although I knew it could kill me, I knew he would return the favour. He cares for me more than he would care to admit.

Yes, he picks up strays along the way, physical beings he can talk to, to keep him company. But when they’re gone, there’s still me. Companions and enemies come and go, even the most persistent ones, but he has one constant companion, and that’s me. There has never been such a strong bond between a TARDIS and her Time Lord, and now there never will.

I don’t blame him for what he did; I just wish he’d been able to save just one of them. To know he’s not quite the last. Humans are all very well, but at the end of the day he can’t spend his lives with them. And even I’m not enough. I’m always there, but we can’t talk. Not yet. Even the one brief day to come won’t be enough. But at least he’ll know then. Know that I really am here for him. Before and after anyone else. My thief. And I love him.