I Am Cathy

by Vicky Smith [Reviews - 5]

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Author's Notes:
Which Wuthering Heights character am I ( book... not film ) Weird thing is... this is Cathy's daughter... she actually finds true love in the end!

He stared at the screen... digesting the intepreation of his answers.

'You're Cathy Linton, the daughter of Edgar and Catherine. You are full of life and energy. You just want to run and see everything you possibly can. You can't stay in one place, even when your supposed to and enjoy secrets. You're not afraid of falling in love and welcome it to you, when the time comes'

“Really? Really... that is who I am? Blimey... bit of a wake up call, I s'pose.”

Rose looked at the screen a little grimly.

“Really... enough! You die!”

“But... I am Cathy Linton... not Earnshaw!”