I Am Buffy

by Vicky Smith [Reviews - 5]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Drabble, Humor

Author's Notes:
The quiz... which horror movie character am I... this came first, closely followed by Michael Myers... little bit worrying. Again, took the quiz from the character's POV.

Rose stared at the screen. It was supposed to be a laugh... something to waste some time. The Doctor wandered in.


“Nothing,” Rose muttered.

“What do you mean... 'nothing'?”

He shoved her out of the way and looked at the latest quiz result.

“But that's brilliant. Problem, Rose? What quiz was it?”

Rose sighed as she pointed to the screen.

The Doctor mouthed the words... 'which horror movie character am I?'

Turning to Rose, he looked a little confused.

“Yeah... does what it says on the tin... but I don't have that... that strength.”

He blinked rapidly. She sighed.

“I am Buffy Summers.”