In Need of Rolled Up Newspaper

by merripestin [Reviews - 3]

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  • Drabble, Humor, General

"Now, really, K9. This has to stop."

"Apologies, Mistress. This unit is not equipped with the facility for self-maintenance. I was unable to repair the leak."

"A leak would explain the carpet, K9. But you'd have to spray to ruin Biroc's trousers that way."

"A servo may be malfunctioning, Mistress."

"He says you barked at him."

"Verbal subroutines may need modification."

"Do you expect me to believe all that?"

"This unit is not programmed for falsehood, Mistress."

"You're not programmed to chase Tharils up trees, either. I suppose that was another malfunction?"

"No, Mistress. That was recreation."

"Bad dog, K9."