The Boy Who Waited

by RobotRollCall [Reviews - 2]

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  • Character Study, Introspection, Romance

Author's Notes:
Rory loves Amy, and that's really all that needs to be said.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in Leadworth. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He didn’t know it was love at first, when he and his mum went over with a plate of biscuits for the new neighbours. But the little girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and asked him to play in the garden. After that, nothing ever seemed really real unless Amy knew about it too.

One night he woke up, and Amy was throwing rocks at his window. He looked outside and saw her standing in her dressing gown and fuzzy slippers, and she looked sad. Something he couldn’t name clenched in his stomach, and he suddenly realized how important it was that Amy shouldn’t be sad. He ran downstairs and climbed out the kitchen window. Together they climbed through the hole in the hedge, then up the stairs in Amy’s big and empty house until they got to her room, where she showed him the crack in her wall. She said it scared her. She said her aunt told her not to worry about it, and to just go to sleep. But she couldn’t. Rory could see why. It scared him too. He spent the night on her floor, positioned between her bed and the crack. Amy slept soundly, and Rory did too, because he knew he was making her feel better. After that, whenever the crack got too scary for Amy to sleep, she would always go over to Rory’s house. And Rory would always come back with her and sleep on her floor.

A year later, Rory’s dad got a new job, and they moved to a new house on the other side of town. His parents didn’t understand why that bothered him so much. They told him he could still see Amy and his other friends whenever he wanted. He wasn’t even going to change schools. Amy assured him that she would be okay. Rory still worried though, and he was relieved when she showed up one day at school, and told him that a raggedy doctor had come and fixed her wall. She took him home and showed him where the crack used to be. She told him about how the raggedy doctor had crashed in her yard in a blue box. She’d given him custard and fish sticks, and he fixed her wall and told her about wonderful adventures. Then he disappeared. After that, all their games had been about this mysterious man and his magic blue box. Rory thought that since Amy seemed to like doctors so much, maybe that was what he should be when he grew up.


Once upon a time, there was a teenager who lived in Leadworth. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He loved her even though the other kids sometimes said she was crazy for going and talking to counselors. He knew the raggedy doctor was just an imaginary friend she’d had, but who were they to try to take away those memories? It wasn’t like they were hurting anyone. Even though anyone else would have said she was too old for it, Rory thought she was well within her rights to have bitten them. He’d had fun playing those games too, after all.

One night, they were sitting at the bus stop waiting to go and see a movie. Amy turned to him and asked him if he thought she was crazy too. Rory laughed and told her that as far as he was concerned, it was everyone else who was crazy. She was beautiful and smart and funny, and just about perfect as far as he could tell. She stared at him for a moment, and he was afraid he might have said the wrong thing. But the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and kissed him on the cheek. Her eyes held such a warm, deep look of gratitude that his stomach turned a flip. He couldn’t have told you what movie they watched that night if he tried.


Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in Leadworth. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He loved her because even now, nothing that ever happened to him seemed real unless she knew about it. They still did everything together. His dreams of becoming a doctor had failed when he hadn’t quite got the marks for it. He’d become a nurse instead, and deep down he worried that she would be disappointed. But she took him out to celebrate when he finished, and told him she was proud of him. He realized then that everything was okay. Amy was in his life, and she was happy. And that was when his world felt complete.

One night Rory told her that while they were walking in the park. He fumbled in his pocket until he pulled out a small box. He handed it to her, and her eyes landed on the ring. For a long moment Amy looked at him, eyes wide, and a deep, irrational fear set in that she would say no. But the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and thrown her arms around him. She kissed him over and over, and whispered in his ear that of course she would, and it had taken him long enough to ask her.


Once upon a time, there was a man who worked at a hospital in Leadworth. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He loved her because they had known each other for so long now, and every moment he could remember without her in it seemed drab and colourless.

One night, they were sitting together on the roof of the hospital. They stared up at the stars, and talked about the raggedy doctor who had suddenly returned to their lives. Rory had seen him running through the park, and even before Amy introduced him, he knew who it was. He looked just like the hundreds of pictures that Amy had drawn in their childhood, and the tattered shirt was just like the one he had worn when they played their games. There had been aliens and adventures, just like he had talked about, and then he’d flown away in his blue box again. Rory apologized to Amy for growing up and not believing her about him. She punched him in the arm and told him it was okay. She looked down at the smiling apple in her hand, and Rory saw something that looked like regret in her eyes. He told her he was sorry that she didn’t get to go off on adventures again, and she sighed deeply. For a moment he thought she was going to cry. But the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and she leaned on his shoulder and told him that was okay too. He hugged her, and, just as he had those many years ago, thought to himself how sad he was that she didn’t get her adventure, but how happy he was that the raggedy doctor hadn’t taken her away from him.


Once upon a time, there was a man who traveled in the TARDIS. His name was Rory, and he loved girl named Amy. He loved her because she had gone away on adventures and seen the most wonderful, amazing things, and even after all that, decided that what she really wanted was him. It boggled his mind sometimes, that she would choose him over everything that was out there, but he was only too glad not to fight it. He didn’t know what to think of the Doctor at first, this un-imaginary friend of Amy’s. He showed them remarkable things, all across the universe. He was strange and never quite seemed to know what was normal, but he had come to get Rory when he thought Amy needed him. Rory respected him for that. He even started to like him. Sometimes, he got tired of all the running and the danger, and thought longingly of his flat back in Leadworth. But this was where Amy was, and she seemed to like it. Amy was happy. And because of that, so was he.

One night they were sitting in a space station, watching a moon rise over swirling clouds of coloured gas. It had been a while since Venice, but sometimes Rory couldn’t help but wonder if Amy really wanted him here. He still hadn’t quite caught the zest for all this adventure that she had, and thought that maybe she would prefer to be with just the Doctor, who shared her passion. After many awkward silences and choking on words, he managed to get the question out. She gave him a look that he had never seen before, and his heart began to sink. But the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and taken his hand. With the other hand, she smacked him on the back of the head and told him he was stupid for even asking a question like that. Not long after that, they met the Dream Lord, and when that was over, Rory’s doubts were gone. She really had chosen him.


Once upon a time, there was a man who died in Cwmtaff. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He loved her because she was brave and good, and wanted to do what was right. He had seen the fear in her eyes, and yet she sat down at that table, and started negotiating for peace. She was defending not just their own lives, but those of the whole human race. He was so proud of her. But then, like so many times before, everything had gone wrong and they were running again. But this time, something different happened. Rory didn’t make it. The gun had fired, and he had saved the Doctor, and for an instant, he thought they might both be okay. But now it hurt. It hurt so much and there was white light everywhere. Amy tried to touch him, but the Doctor pulled her away. Somehow, Rory knew that was the right thing to do. He tried to tell her it would be okay. But the girl with bright red hair was screaming, and tears were running down her face. Something clenched in his stomach that hurt even worse than dying, and all he could think was how important it was that Amy shouldn’t be sad. Then the light came, and he didn’t think anything at all.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who traveled in a magical blue box. Her name was Amy, and she loved a man named Rory. She had loved him ever since that night, those many years ago, when she had shown him the crack in her wall. He hadn’t laughed at her, or told her not to worry like her aunt had. He had taken her seriously, and offered to help. Amy had woken later that night in a cold sweat, fresh from a nightmare of the menacing voices that she could sometimes hear in her wall. But the boy with the dark eyes was protecting her, curled up on her floor between her bed and the crack. After that, she always felt that her world was better when Rory was in it.

One night, she had lain awake on her bed in the TARDIS and thought about how much she missed him. This was something she had always wanted–this adventure and exploring the universe–ever since she had met the raggedy doctor in her garden all those years ago. He’d promised to take her away from the boring little town of Leadworth, and now he finally had. And she was happy, she really was…but it would be better if Rory was there.

After Byzantium, the Doctor went to fetch Rory. Amy felt bad enough for what had happened, but now that Rory was here, she felt even worse. She saw the hurt in his eyes, and knew she could never forgive herself for putting it there. The Doctor took them to Venice, and Amy put on a brave face and smiled. She didn’t know if she could ever mend what had broken. When the vampire attacked them, she had a fleeting fear that they would both die there and Rory would still think that she didn’t love him. But the boy with the dark eyes was protecting her, faithfully defending the woman he loved. After that, she knew that they would be able to fix things again. Rory was here. And that made it better.

They travelled the universe together then, Amy and Rory. She loved him because she had hurt him, had hurt him so badly, and he had forgiven her and loved her just the same. They saw such wonderful things and visited such exciting places. And they were happy, because they had each other. Everything changed in the Silurian underground. Rory had been brilliant, the best of humanity, the doctor had said. She had smiled, thinking to herself that she already knew that. But then things had gone wrong. They had run, and Restac had fired at the Doctor, and Amy was afraid she was going to lose one of the most important people in her life. But the boy with the dark eyes was protecting her, saving the only man who could get her away safely. But then he was gone, her Rory was gone, and all she could do was cry as the Doctor pulled her back to the TARDIS. After that she knew that things could never be right again. Because Rory wasn’t here to make it better.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who traveled in a magical blue box. Her name was Amy, and she had forgotten a man named Rory. She loved him because he was everything to her, and it ate away at her inside because she couldn’t remember that. She travelled with the Doctor, and she was happy. But when she was alone, when the running and the danger and the adrenaline had died away, she realized she wasn’t really happy. She was sad, but she couldn’t remember why. The Doctor looked at her sometimes like he was worried, and even Vincent had said that he could see her crying. Something deep inside her screamed that he was right, but she had no idea why. All she knew was that the world was wrong. It should have been just fine. She was having the greatest adventure of her life, and doing it with her oldest, best friend. It should have been perfect. But the boy with the dark eyes wasn’t protecting her, because he wasn’t there. She didn’t know that he should have been. She just knew that she was missing something. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Something that would have made everything better.


Once upon a time, there was a Roman centurion who was stationed at Stonehenge. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. At first, he couldn’t tell you why he loved her–a woman nearly 2,000 years in the future. Or how he knew that’s where she was from to start with. But he couldn’t get her out of his head, and lay awake nights in his tent thinking about it until finally, Rory remembered who he was. He remembered what had happened. He remembered the Doctor, the TARDIS and the Silurians. But most of all, he remembered Amy, the most wonderful girl in the world. He didn’t know how he had ended up here, or if he would ever get out. Sometimes, he was afraid that he would never see Amy again. But the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, when that fear overtook him and he closed his eyes. She smiled. And that would keep him going until he could find her again.

One night, he heard a woman talking in camp. She was talking to his commander, about strange and wonderful things. Rory didn’t know who she was, but he knew what she was talking about. This woman could help him find the Doctor. And if he could find the Doctor, then Amy wouldn’t be far away.

When he found her, she had forgotten him. The Doctor was glad to see him, and he tried to explain what had happened. Rory understood, but that didn’t make it any better. The Doctor encouraged him to go talk to her, and oh! how he wished he hadn’t. Because she had remembered him. For one brief, shining moment, she had remembered him and Rory had dared to hope. But the universe seemed determined to keep them apart, and he had watched as Amy died. She died in his arms, and it was his fault, and he screamed at the sky. Tears poured down his face, tears that weren’t real, and that made them burn all the more as they reminded him of what he had done. He sat alone in the dark, cradling her to him. Amy was gone, his Amy was gone, and there was no point to anything now. He wondered how long it would be before he shut down, and hoped it wasn’t long. But then the Doctor appeared. The Doctor appeared, and gave him hope again.


Once upon a time, there was a man made of plastic who guarded the Pandorica. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He loved her because nothing was ever real without her. For almost two thousand years, he sat by her box, keeping her safe, while the rest of the world happened around him. But Amy wasn’t there to share it, and it had meant nothing to him. Sometimes, when the nights were especially long and cold, he would begin to doubt, and wonder if it would ever mean anything to him, even when she did come back. Could someone like him ever really have love? Then he would close his eyes and think of the night that Amy had remembered him. He had been sitting there, despairing of ever getting her back. But the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and his stomach had flipped like it had that night at the bus stop and his heart had threatened to pound right out of his chest. He had to be alive to be able to feel a joy like that. The Doctor was right. He was still human. And one day he could be whole again.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who came out of the Pandorica. Her name was Amy, and she loved a man named Rory. She loved him in spite of everything at happened at Stonehenge. She didn’t understand yet what had happened there, but she didn’t blame him in the slightest. She loved him. Her heart leapt as she read about the Centurion that had guarded the Pandorica those many years. She knew it was him. Her heart fell just as quickly when she read to end. He was gone now. Her brave Rory hadn’t survived. This was the second time she has lost him, and it hurt even more. Amy steeled herself. She knew she was going to fall apart later, but hopefully she could get through saving the world before she did it. Barely suppressing a sob, she turned back to her younger self, and they set out to help the Doctor. Before they could find the Doctor though, the Dalek found them. Amy gasped, and tried to shield the little girl. But the boy with the dark eyes was protecting her, and half the Dalek was gone before she could blink. She looked up and he was coming down the stairs, in a new uniform, but still just the same. And Amy knew that no matter what happened next, everything was going to be okay. The universe could explode if it wanted to, and it would still be alright. Because Rory was here. And that made everything better.


Once upon a time, there was a man who was getting married. His name was Rory, and he loved a girl named Amy. He loved her for so many reasons, he couldn’t even count them. All he knew was, she was the piece he needed to make his life whole. They had had the longest, strangest relationship he could think of. It had started with a plate of biscuits and a crack in a wall, and had spanned the awkwardness of adolescence, aliens, both of their deaths, him changing into an immortal plastic man and back again, more aliens, danger, monsters, universes exploding, and a fantastic man in a magic blue box. But today, they had managed to have a moment of normality and a perfect wedding. Even the Doctor had behaved. Rory had stood there, watching Amy walk up the aisle and thinking that of all the wonders he had seen in the galaxy, nothing could be more beautiful than this. And the girl with bright red hair had smiled at him, and kissed him long and hard. And after 1,909 years of waiting, Rory finally got to marry Amy.