Watching them

by Goddess [Reviews - 5]

  • All Ages
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  • Romance

Jack stood and watched as the Doctor's eyes travelled from person to person, searching, scrutinising each face before moving on. Jack switched his gaze to where Rose stood, and wasn't surprised to see her eyes drifting around. He waited.

Their eyes met, in the cliched way, across the room, and he watched as the world ceased to exist, and they stood, oblivious, lost in eternity in each other's eyes. Messages were sent from one to the other.
You OK?
I'm fine, are you?
He'd watched this before, this silent communication, and knew neither was aware of it. They did it a lot, and they never realised. He knew what happened next.

She crossed the room to him, and for an instant, his hands rested on her shoulders as he lost himself in her eyes. Then they dropped downwards to grab her hands, and the two of them walked to him.
"You ready to go Jack?"

And they walked away, three figures together, two of them oblivious to their actions as they reassured themselves with touches that all was still well, born to love each other in this silent and gentle way, and the other always watching. Never excluded, but always aware of their constant awareness for each other, and waiting for the day when they would realise it too.