Purses I: Barbara

by Stressfactor [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
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  • Character Study, General, Introspection, Vignette

Author's Notes:
Watching the classic series it hit me how none of the female companions ever seemed to carry purses around with them (even when they would have been rather useful) and yet how lost I would be without my trusty shoulder bag... And by the way... the BBC owns all of this, I'm just messing around.

It wasn’t until Ian reached into his pocket to try to come up with bus fare that she realized she wasn’t carrying a purse. She tried to remember but found that it was difficult… Yes. Yes, she definitely had her purse slung over her arm when she burst into the TARDIS oh so long ago but after that?....

The money in it was no good to a prehistoric tribe and what did she care what her hair looked like when she was dying of radiation poisoning in a Dalek prison cell? No, she had rather become accustomed to living off her wits… and the Doctor’s certain talent at con artistry (funny that he should have been so remarkably good at it).

She supposed that her purse was with her cloth coat somewhere in the TARDIS. Maybe sometime, somewhen, the Doctor would come across it and remember her and Ian and laugh about all of their adventures… even the terribly frightening ones (because time had a way of dulling the edges of the memories of terror). Meanwhile, she had no purse. And she was back in a world where money and keys and hair combs and lipstick and compacts were useful things. But that was okay because now she knew how to live off her wits and she knew she could handle anything this life would throw at her.

Ian managed to find a handful of coins and paid their fare. He was about to put them back in his pocket when she gently grabbed his wrist. He looked at her questioningly and she plucked coins out of the pile in his hand. A few gold and silver Roman coins looking as fresh as the day they were minted and a couple of 18th century French coins. Ian smiled at her. “Know any good coin dealers?”