Author's Notes:
For glinda_penguin's fandom_stocking

"Are you sure we're going to need to know how to do this?" asked Izzy breathlessly, narrowly avoiding another swipe from Fey's sword.

"Why wouldn't we?" deadpanned Fey. "Parry in septime and riposte, Izzy, please!"

"Oh, I'll give you riposte," muttered Izzy under her breath, parrying. "Yah!" She leapt forward in what she thought was an excellent attack, only to find herself disarmed and ...unfooted, she supposed, within seconds, Fey's laughter in her ears.

Izzy glared.

"Sorry," said Fey unrepentantly. "You just looked so cross. Here." She offered Izzy her hand.

"You know that bit where you turned up on my doorstep, asking if I fancied a life of intergalactic crime fighting," asked Izzy, taking it, "and I said yes?"


"I've changed my mind."




"...ok, not really. But I don't want you to teach me anything else."

"Nothing at all?" asked Fey, raising an eyebrow and looking Izzy up and down as blatantly as she could (which was very blatantly, she'd been practising).

"...maybe some things," admitted Izzy.

"Excellent," Fey said, and smiled. "What are we waiting for?"