On Butlers and Betrothals

by Pairadox Timeline [Reviews - 11]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Crossover, Humor

1. Chapter 1: What Not to Wear (And Where Not to Wear It) [Reviews - 5] (1616 words)
This is our new Christmas collaboration, and a fun crossover we've wanted to write for awhile. Chapter 1 is posted in honor of the birthday of Catyuy.

2. Keeping Up Appearances [Reviews - 1] (1736 words)

3. The Bachelor [Reviews - 5] (1390 words)
So happy to have readers excited for this little lark, and we hope we can keep you entertained though the holidays are almost over. With the arrival of 2011, we expect more writing time to be available to one of us, so we live in hope of all kinds of good things!

Meanwhile, lets head back to Brinkley Court...

Drink a toast to the Doctor, folks... he may need one.