Darkness falls

by Goddess [Reviews - 2]

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Darkness was falling. Not in the TARDIS per se, but the Doctor could feel the night arriving in other places, other times. Rose could sense it too, and with the infallibility of the human body clock, one by one her senses shut down in preparation for sleep. The Doctor watched with the affection borne of long experience, as she turned and stumbled away to bed, seeking the comforting oblivion of unconsciousness and the relief that sleep would bring. She would sleep, and dream, and wake in the morning refreshed at least in body and once again they would step out into existence to face a new day.

He would not. He needed no sleep, no time to recharge. He did not desire it. But he could feel it. Feel the encroaching dark creeping up upon so many worlds and so many people. All across the Universe people would dream, and in their dreams they would see, maybe just for a second, what he saw all the time. They would see everything. In the timeless seconds of the night when they drifted within their own subconscious brains, safe in the awareness that they would wake, they would feel their planet turning in space, and see all the futures and all the pasts that could ever be. And in that second maybe, he would not be so alone.

He turned away, back to the humming control of his beautiful TARDIS, his home, and waited, in the silence of someone else’s night to feel, just for a second, not so alone.

This didn't turn out quite the way I thought, after the first sentence it kinda wrote itself. Please let me know what you think, its my first go at one of these!!!