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1. Chapter 1: A New Hope [Reviews - 2] (6129 words)
Beta: The wonderful, brilliant, fantastic perception_filter. Without whom my stories would be sorely lacking. I must also credit George Lucas, as much of the dialog is straight out of the movie Star Wars. To quote the Doctor: "The original one, before Lucas edited and improved it to death." Sorry George. I do love you.

Unlike most of my stories this Cannot Be Read As A Stand Alone! You really need to read at least Memories of War [Adult] and Ceremonies and Commitments for a lot of it to make sense.

The Movie Star Wars has always been dear to my heart, as I met my husband at a Star Wars Convention back in high school in 1977. I know, I'm really dating myself. Enjoy!

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2. Chapter Two: The Empire Strikes Jack [Reviews - 1] (4835 words)
It should be noted that the ending to this story and what happens next in the Captain!Verse is all RoyalLadyEmma's fault, so don't get mad at me, because she feed my plot bunnies without permission. Love you, Emma. Enjoy!