Voodoo Child

by kerriangel [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
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  • Alternate Universe, General

Author's Notes:
Hey look at me, I'm writing something that's half-way serious for once! Voodoo Child by Rouge Traders for those who didn't know.

The team were driving back from a routine Weevil catching. Gwen was in the passenger seat and fiddling with the radio. A guitar began playing before a drum beat kicked in and a female voice began singing. Jack remembered it from somewhere but couldn't place it. Then the line before the chorus was sung.

"So here it comes; the sound of drums..."

As the chorus played, Jack almost crashed the car and managed to mutter an order to turn the radio off. Gwen obliged, and Jack remained tense and jumpy all the way back to the hub. When they returned, he hurried up to his office. The whole team shared a look before agreeing to go up the stairs. Jack was staring blankly at the wall.

"Jack is everything alright?" Tosh asked.

"Why wouldn't it?" Jack asked back.

"Come on, Jack. No more secrets. Tell us the truth," Ianto pressed gently, reaching for Jack's hand.

Jack sighed and gestured at them to pull up a chair as he told the story of an insane Time Lord, a woman called Martha Jones and a Year That Never Was.