Happy to see me?

by Maraieth [Reviews - 2]

  • All Ages
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  • Alternate Universe, Slash

Author's Notes:
This is adapted from a dream I had.... (Doctor Who related dreams are always good!) Set post End of Time in an alternate universe where The Doctor didn't regenerate....

The Doctor was running down a street. He was chasing someone he'd spotted from a distance and instantly recognised. Yet it couldn't be him. There was absolutely no way... He was trapped with the other Timelords in the Time lock. In hell. Because he had chosen to rather than letting the Doctor die. After years of fighting, his final act had been to save the Doctor's life. The Doctor rounded a corner, eyes darting to find where the figure had gone, just noticing him turning into another alleyway ahead. He almost certainly knew he was being followed by now, and was probably trying to give him the slip. He rounded another corner and there he was, stood there, facing him, the alley a dead end.

"What?" asked the Doctor. There was nothing else he could say really. No matter how pleased he secretly was to see that man - that brilliant, yet insane man, he should not be there. It couldn't be a good sign that he'd managed to escape the Time lock, because that could mean… He shivered, he didn't even want to think about that possibility.

The Master watched the Doctor with some amusement. He had looked forward to running into the Doctor sooner or later. He just hadn't realised it would be this soon. He grinned at the Doctor, a grin that was typical for this incarnation. This earned another "What?" from the Doctor who still couldn't quite believe the Master was there.

And then the Master moved forward, slamming a kiss onto the Doctor's lips, a hand reaching round the back of his head, fingers entwining into his hair a little. When he pulled away, the Doctor stared at him, unsure how to react. That was all a long time ago. It wasn't unwelcome, but he couldn't quite take it in. When he finally regained the ability to speak, one word was all that came…


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