Twelve Years in Twelve Days

by Siani [Reviews - 31]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Character Study, Het, Missing Scene

1. Year One, Day One [Reviews - 4] (1074 words)
People who know me from LiveJournal's Doctor Who community have already figured out, I am possibly, slightly obsessed with young Amelia Pond and what she was doing while the Doctor was gone for five minutes. Thus, this story was born.

Enjoy :)

2. Year Two, Day Five [Reviews - 0] (709 words)

3. Year Three, Day One Hundred and Forty-one [Reviews - 3] (524 words)

4. Year Four, Day Fifty-Seven [Reviews - 0] (741 words)

5. Year Five, Day Two Hundred and Twenty [Reviews - 0] (516 words)

6. Year Six, Day Two Hundred and Sixty-five [Reviews - 2] (3261 words)
You can find the version of Janet and Tamlin that I grew up with (and loved) here. Mine is a bit different, for obvious reasons ;)

This chapter goes out to my shaggy old shepherd Pepper in doggy heaven, with love and many apologies for his patient endurance of numerous rounds of "Lets play Janet and Tamlin!" during my childhood. Good Dog.

7. Year Seven, Day Two Hundred and Thirty-Three [Reviews - 1] (1039 words)
I had intended to present this story in twelve days, one chapter a day, but my failure to understand the intricacies of the queuing system led the first five chapters to be posted all at once, and so now I think I'm just going to post them as fast as I can write them.

Also, please don't think I'm casting any characters in a bad light with this chapter, we were all fourteen once, and lived to tell about it. There's hope for them yet!

8. Year Eight, Day Fifty-two [Reviews - 6] (1632 words)

9. Year Nine, Day Ninety-Four [Reviews - 4] (1533 words)

10. Year Ten, Day One [Reviews - 4] (3384 words)
This story is not forgotten! Thanks for hanging in with me, people. I am in the middle of a brutal spring semester, but I shall try to finish up quickly, before Cannon wrecks my playground too much.

This chapter has been the hardest to write, I suppose because it is the most important one. I'm not sure if it's the best one or the worst one. In either case, enjoy :)

11. Year Eleven, Day Eighty-Six [Reviews - 1] (2390 words)
Warning: this chapter contains Bad Words.

12. Year Twelve, Day One [Reviews - 5] (1639 words)
The final chapter! Thanks to everyone who read and commented, favorited, corrected my grammar, or just enjoyed it silently.

There may very well be an epilogue or follow up story in the works. After all, Amy still has two more years to wait ;)

13. Teaser: Five More Minutes [Reviews - 1] (869 words)
Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth I said that I was going to write a follow-up to this story covering the two years between the conclusion of the action in The Eleventh Hour and Amy leaving with the Doctor. At last, it is written! But it just didn't want to be written in the a-year-in-one-day format, so instead it is its own story, Five More Minutes. Here is a little taste...