"You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant..."

"You're late," she said.

He spun round and managed not to look shocked at the intrusion. He shouldn't be, after all; she could go anywhere she wanted and he was late for their appointment.

"Right. Sorry. Had a bit of a crisis." He put the TARDIS into a temporal orbit and gave her his full attention. "I saved a world in twenty minutes, didn't even have to cheat."

The woman in blue didn't look impressed. She started off into the interior of the ship, letting her long red hair down as she walked.

He hurried after her. "Just the usual?"

She halted at a door just past the kitchen. "A little more respect, Doctor." She opened the door.

He followed her into what he hadn't yet decided to use as his bedroom. "Is there any chance we could skip this? I'm sort of seeing someone."

She looked at him, and he stumbled on. "I could get in some practice, so that I wouldn't let you down."

She slid from her dress in an eye-watering movement. Well, cause and effect weren't really a problem for her. "Kiss me."

Refusing wasn't really an option. Her lips were cold and felt half-formed, as though the particles hadn't quite decided what they wanted to be this time.

"Amelia Pond," she said.

He slipped his jacket off. "I haven't decided yet. I've been on my own for a long time now, I'm used to it. Also I seem to be less clingy this time out."

She stroked his cheek, the sensation of movement arriving before the sensation of contact. "I know you," she said. "You've never been able to resist a mystery."

"It's not some sort of game is it?"

She smiled. "Isn't it always?"

"One of these days I'm going to put stop to all this, you do know that."

She was Donna, hands on hips. "Do you really think you could?"

He closed his eyes. "Stop it."

Then Amy's voice: "You can't even deal with this."

He forced himself to look at her, focussing on her appearance until she looked only a little too much like Amy Pond. "If I die, you die. The reverse isn't true."

She smiled. "Plenty of people worship Time."

"But not properly." He rolled up his shirtsleeves. "Speaking of which, shall we?"

Time moved, her fingers icy on his skin as she made the connection.

He hesitated. "I don't... I've never been very good at it this way. Can't we do what we usually do?"

But then Time was in him, floating softly across his mind. He made himself relax slightly, went through it step by step like a nervous teenager. But then, to her he was always a nervous teenager.

Time let go and he fell to the floor, weak and unsteady.

She knelt, held his face in her hands. "Did I hurt you, little Time Lord?"

Yes. "No." He pushed against the floor and tried to stand. On the second attempt he let himself fall backwards onto the bed, pushed himself up on his elbows to look at her. "Is there anything else?"

"Not this time." She kissed his forehead and fell apart into splinters of nothingness.

He went back for Amy Pond.