by Doctor_dsg [Reviews - 1]

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  • Fluff, Humor, Introspection, Romance, Slash

Koschei had never really put any thought into making friends at the academy. His aim was to become a Time Lord and nothing else. So when he bumped into a strange boy one afternoon after his lectures, he didn’t know what to do.

It had been a normal day. Koschei woke up, got dressed, went to breakfast and then to his first lecture. He’d admit that temporal physics wasn’t his favourite subject but he gritted his teeth and bared the droning voice of the professor explaining the difference between AC currents and DC currents. Koschei shut his eyes for a few seconds and listened to the drums beating in the back of his mind; sometimes they were a nice distraction from the real world. He could shut his eyes and imagine himself ruling the planet. No! The universe! He would have control of everything even the professor’s stupid currents. He was finally snapped out of his reverie when a ruler was smacked down hard onto the desk in front of him.

After the 3 hour long torture, Koschei left the classroom almost immediately. He sighed in relief; he had 2 hours break before he had to go to his next class. Strolling along the bright corridors of the academy was always a pleasant experience. It gave Koschei a warm feeling in his gut to walk past the large glass windows and be bathed in the soft orange light from outside. He stopped for a moment to look out at his favourite tree in the grounds. It was the oldest tree for miles, and its twisted roots leaped gracefully out the ground to settle back in the red earth. The silver leaves shimmered with the sun’s light, creating a rainbow effect on the outside walls.

But this time there was something new in his tree. A boy was sitting on one of the low branches, book in lap, reading notes he must have previously made. His blonde hair brushed gently against his forehead, and every few seconds he would flick his head and it would settle away from his eyes only to fall back a while later. His face was young but Koschei could tell he was the same age as himself. The boy had a lanky frame with hardly any muscle on him at all; his robes hung off him as if strung on a washing line.

As if sensing Koschei’s presence, the boy looked up and met his gaze. His eyes were perfect. They were like the clearest waters of a tropical beach; it was as though looking into his eyes was looking into his soul. And his smile! It lit up his whole face and even gave Koschei the sense that although he may look perfect he was far more mischievous than first glances. Koschei found himself returning the smile, then fleeing from the window and into the lunch hall.

It wasn’t until an hour later that he worked up the courage to go out into the yard to speak to this boy. As he approached the tree, Koschei saw that he was still sitting contently with his book resting between his thighs. When he heard Koschei approaching, he looked over and gave him another smile.

“Hi, I’m Theta. I saw you earlier in the window?”

Koschei didn’t know what to say. He was taken back at the calm and almost angel like tone to Theta’s voice. It was like listening to a choir of angels singing the Lord’s Prayer. "I’m Koschei, yeah, that was me. I’m sorry to disturb you…”

“No need, I wasn’t really reading anyway,” Theta interrupted. He closed his book and jumped to the ground, landing surprisingly lightly. “So how are you finding school life?”

“It’s ok, I guess, the professors can sometimes go on forever but I enjoy most my lessons.”

“Really? I hate them all, well not all of them.” He gave another dazzling smile and yawned.

“I’d better get going, I want to get some revision done for my next lecture, and I’ll see you later?” Theta nodded and shook Koschei’s hand.

“It’s a date.” He walked casually back into the building and Koschei finally felt the heat rising in his cheeks. Then he realised.

He’d made a friend and had fallen in love with him.

In a 15 second conversation.

He sighed.