Dona Eis Requiem

by Old Lady [Reviews - 3]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Hurt/Comfort

1. The End [Reviews - 2] (1530 words)
My apologies in advance... this came from a dark and frightening place in my imagination.

The swearing is mild by today's standards.

Tissues recommended.

2. The Beginning [Reviews - 1] (1670 words)
I was so tempted to just leave it at one chapter, but the little characters in my head demanded closure. Closure is often hard for us. We want to turn our backs on pain and ignore it. This gives Daniel and Jenny more than a chance to say "good-bye." It also begins the process of re-forming them into a new constellation, as happens in any death-and-grieving story.

Please consider this chapter optional. If you like it the way it was, stop at chapter one. If you want closure, read on.