The Eggs of Destruction

by Primsong [Reviews - 37]

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1. A Blustery Day [Reviews - 5] (1274 words)
A/N: This bit of an adventure is placed just shortly after the events of ‘The Sea Devils’ on the Isle of Wight during a spot of exceptionally bad spring weather. While I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about the wonderful Isle of Wight, I've never had the pleasure of actually being there, so I beg the readers grace in any inconsistencies I may have missed or had to simply make up for lack of information.

‘Sea Devil’ being only a descriptive term assigned them by frightened victims, I’ve used their more official name, Silurian, when referencing them instead.

2. Slipping Sideways [Reviews - 5] (1602 words)
A turn of events makes what was merely annoying into a bit of a disaster. Stiff upper lip and all that.

3. Under Cover [Reviews - 4] (2537 words)
Any shelter in a storm...

4. Soft Boiled [Reviews - 2] (2258 words)
Breakfast seems a little strange this morning...

5. Jetsam [Reviews - 3] (2448 words)
Perhaps someone else has been there first.

6. Sand and Needles [Reviews - 2] (2622 words)
The Brig gets a look at the Needles while the Doctor gets a look at something not quite so attractive.

7. Throwing a Curve [Reviews - 2] (2233 words)
When in need, anything can be a weapon.

8. Poached [Reviews - 2] (2743 words)
Picking up whatever seems handiest.

9. Nest Eggs [Reviews - 2] (2928 words)
Pondering the problem, whether you are human or Silurian, just doesn't seem to solve it quickly enough.

10. Inner Seagullness [Reviews - 2] (2654 words)
This should be interesting on the requisition forms.

11. Deviled Eggs [Reviews - 2] (2790 words)
Nothing like starting off the day with some time by the sea.

12. Over Easy [Reviews - 2] (2490 words)
The Doctor provides something new while UNIT arrives with something old.

13. Scramble [Reviews - 2] (2573 words)
Into the frying pan...

14. Empty Nest Syndrome [Reviews - 2] (2309 words)
A look behind and a look ahead.