Rassilon Falls

by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 1]

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  • Action/Adventure, Character Study, Drama, Introspection

1. The Doctor's Resolution [Reviews - 1] (2281 words)
1: Just my own theory regarding how the Gallifrey we witnessed in “End of Time” fits in with Gallifrey’s fate in the Eighth Doctor novels published between 1997 and 2005; reading my previous story “Filling in the Blanks” might help understand what’s happening here, but if you haven’t read it, a basic summary of the essential events of the Eighth Doctor Adventures and the War will be provided in the next chapter

2: This story starts when the Doctor’s working on repairing the Vinvocci ship and has his conversation with Wilf

2. Race Against Time [Reviews - 0] (2192 words)
AN: For those unaware of the Future War that played a part in the Eighth Doctor Adventures series, here's a basic summary of events;

During the Eighth Doctor's travels, he became aware of the Future War- a war that would be fought between the Time Lords and an as-yet-unidentified Enemy-, twice becoming involved in the events of the War as he was first forced to prevent either side getting their hands on the body of his own thirteenth incarnation and later worked with a fleet of highly evolved TARDISes to stop a creature known as the Memeovore- a devourer of concept- from consuming the universe after the future Time Lords were tricked into releasing it in the belief it could be used as a weapon for their side. Given that the 'Future War' arc ended with the Doctor being forced to destroy Gallifrey after learning that the Enemy had been drawn to Gallifrey due to his own mistake- the planet having been virtually conquered by the Enemy in the first strike and the Doctor seeing no way to save the universe other than to annihilate both sides right then-, the Doctor never fought in the War himself, thus making his talk of the conflict lasting years in "End of Time" impractical, so I came up with the theory described here as a possible resolution to tie the two conflicting continuities together

3. The Last Stand of Rassilon [Reviews - 0] (4222 words)