Laboratory Skills

by isawien [Reviews - 3]

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Hannah glanced at her watch. 2am. She sighed, leaned back from the bench and looked around. The laboratory was a mess: test-tubes, weighing apparatus, pipettes, microscopes and samples were scattered everywhere. The bench in front of her was covered in notes and print-outs of tissue analyses, pens and scrunched up pieces of paper scattered everywhere. Her tutor would have a field day if he saw this.

Another sigh. The room won’t clean itself and her notes still made no sense. It would be easier to sort them out in the morning. In the meantime, she would have to tidy up. Tying back her long black hair, she grabbed the disinfectant and got to work.

She looked at the time. 5am. It had taken her three hours to clear everything away, but the room was finally spotless. No-one would know she’d been in here! Satisfied with the lab, she grabbed her notebooks and folders, stuffing them into her bag and left, locking the door on her way out. Looking around to see if anyone was about, she walked down the corridor and out of the silent building.

By the time she was back home, the sky had turned to a grey-purple, indicating the sunrise. Climbing into her bed, she heard the birds call, waking up to a brand new day.

Hannah was twenty-three years old and a postgraduate at Cardiff University, studying Invertebrate Zoology. She was born and bred in Cardiff and loved the city. Her parents tried to encourage her to go elsewhere for her university studies, but no matter what university she looked at, she ended up coming to her favourite: Cardiff. She’d studied undergraduate Zoology receiving a First, and after taking a gap year travelling and volunteering, she’d returned home to continue her studies. She’d always loved animals, and as an undergrad she’d developed a love for molluscs. Her friends thought her mad — what was so interesting about snails, mussels and squid? But she was fascinated. So much diversity in such a simple body-plan!

That’s why she ended up in a laboratory at 2am, looking at the tissue samples of these organisms under the microscope. But her tests didn’t make any sense! She needed to see someone about this — but who? There was only one conclusion she could draw from the results, but no-one on earth would believe her. She could hardly believe it herself.