by Stressfactor [Reviews - 4]

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  • Character Study, General, Introspection, Vignette

Author's Notes:
After a long time away this little bit popped into my head. Not sure why but it seemed to want to be written down so I obliged it.

She lifted the small plastic and metal box to her ear and listened intently to the music issuing from the small speaker. So different from the music back home with its basis in logic and mathematical algorithms. Her people would have dismissed this as primitive… beneath notice but… there was something about it that she could not help contemplating. Perhaps it was the thoughtlessness, the unpredictability of it… she had certainly seen that it also spoke to the young people of this world.

She had seen a few of the dance programs on television in her time here; watched the young people moving their bodies to the music. Again, so different from what she had been taught. When her people bothered to dance their movements were smooth, graceful, measured — each one carefully and precisely choreographed. Here, they threw themselves into the music — moving with all the energy and exuberance they possessed. Perhaps that was what appealed to her… the sense of being unbound… of liberation.

She wondered… could she do that? Home was far away and long ago now and not even her grandfather was around to see her. What would it feel like to give herself over to the music? To just… move? To not think everything out with care and precision beforehand?

But how to begin? She listened intently to the music, moving her fingers in time to the beat in an idle and meaningless gesture. Almost without conscious thought she began twisting her hand in motions that were oddly graceful and yet sharp at the same time. Experimentally she began to sway, her hips moving in slow imitation of what she had seen girls do on the televisions programs.


She spun, her face a picture of shock and embarrassment that her teacher, her human teacher, had caught her in the act of being so…. Primitive.