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It was the helplessness of falling for Theta that annoyed Koschei. He loved being in control, craved it, and one day, completely out of the blue, his heart said, 'Hey, you see that Theta Sigma? Your childhood friend? Well, now you're going to endlessly lust for him, and, in a break with tradition, suddenly have no idea how to talk to him, and there's nothing you can do about it'.

Just looking at him, sitting on his bed, reading the book they'd been set and toying with the leather bookmark in his spare hand. Completely unbidden, an image came to Koschei of Theta on his hands and knees, posterior in the air. Sure, Koschei let himself imagine whipping that milky skin with the bookmark, until he was convulsing in ecstatic pain, and marked red all over with Koschei's efforts...but, really, it wasn't his fault. It was his brain that was doing all the thinking of filthy thoughts, not him.


It had all started several years ago-yes, he'd been hopelessly desiring him for that long-when they were pre-pubescent, and their limbs were just beginning to gangle. At that time, they still acted like children together. Now, they could spend hours just talking, but the days of childhood already held a nostalgic feel, and Koschei was sure he could no longer spend a day in the fields with Theta without wanting to jump him after about twenty minutes.

Rain had been forecast, but they didn't care. The red fields of the Oakdene estates seemed endless, and anyone with a sense of adventure was drawn to them. The grass released a musky scent when it started misting, and an atmospheric outpour was inevitable. They began to run back to the house, half-chasing each other, half-racing back to Koschei's home. In their haste, Theta tripped several metres in front of him, shreiking unnaturally. Koschei found him cradling his leg, and an affronted-looking snake was sliding away.

Koschei, young though he was, had some idea of how to deal with these things. Within seconds, his mouth was on the sore puncture marks of Theta's ankle, sucking the poison out, not knowing whether it was venomous or not. When he lifted his head,it was like clockwork. A component in Koschei's head shifted. Suddenly, with Theta looking at him like he was a god, Koschei wanted to dip his head again. To suck. To lick.

Once they got back to the main house, it was a blur of medical tests, a delirious Theta praising him and his family's physician. However, Koschei could only look at his rain-soaked skin, a sweet contrast to his dishwater-blonde hair. The red grass stains on his elbows. He began to fully appreciate the still child-like innocent look of Theta's face. Flaxen hair and rosy skin was a combination he would never fail to appreciate.

And here they were years later, Prydon Academy-taught, but still stupid too fuck each other, thought Koschei, rather bitterly.

"Do you think the rumours are true, Kos?" asked Theta.

"Hm? What?" Koschei had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

"About Omega and Rassilon, them being, you know...lovers." He blushed prettily.

Koschei looked at the book in his hand. Oh, yes, they were supposed to be studying history. He answered truthfully, having not even attempted a perfunctory scan of the text.

"I have no idea whatsoever."