The Ghost of Time

by Alan Percival [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
The scene is set after The Doctor saves Wilf and before he visits his former companions, during the TV episode - The End of Time - Part Two.

The Doctor was all alone in his TARDIS. The events he just witnessed brought about several of the emotions he had tried to keep hidden for decades.

The fact his own people would manipulate, use another, like that, angered him inside. It would have forced him to take action had it not been for his old nemesis and one time friend.

Now he did not know how much time he had left in this body. If losing his race and his home World again wasn’t bad enough, he had gone and saved the life of someone willing to give up his so The Doctor would survive, but as always The Doctor could not let that happen.

He could feel the radiation travelling through his body the same way he could feel his hearts beating a constant rhythm. His regeneration had started, but this time he was fighting for more time.

There was nothing he could do though, but maybe he just had time to help and watch over the people he had cared about those last years.

Life was always something he longed to preserve, even if it meant allowing the dark side of nature to continue their wicked ways and paths of destruction.

Suddenly, there she was. The woman who was on her knees covering her face while The Doctor battled his own inner demons. The woman who was brave enough to look at him and tell him everything would be okay, without having to utter a word.

“Doctor,” she said caringly, “This may be the last time we never meet.”

“Don’t say that.” The Doctor spoke the words as though a tear was going to fall onto his cheek. “There is always a chance.”

“No. I’m lucky to be here now. There is just long enough before our time passes.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I am the one who should be sorry. You have changed so much since the Time War. A part of that blame should lie with me.”

The Doctor reached out expecting to touch her face, but knew he couldn’t and his outstretched arm fell to his side, weaker than it had ever been before.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t have done more to stop the Time Lords. Maybe, if I had come home sooner, when you asked me…” The Doctor trailed off for a moment. “Instead I…” Again he found it difficult to find the words. Apologies seemed hopeless now.

“Doctor you are always running. I knew that when I was with you. Gallifrey holds so many bad memories for us both now, and these events will live long in your future.”

“How do I go on?”

“You will find a way.”


“If I knew how I would tell you. You will find your path.”

“I was thinking I could see my companions, my friends again, before I changed.” The Doctor pondered, walking over to the console and flicking a few switches idly as though they were meant to do something.

“It might give you some closure. Some form of peace.”

“What if I don’t find peace?” The Doctor sounded urgent for answers now.

“I don’t know.” She said sounding sympathetic.

“I can’t leave this body feeling the way I do now.” The Doctor looked as though he was about to cry, but no tears would be released just now.

“Then do some good before it is too late. I know the man you are, Doctor. You always find a way.”

“What if my new body cannot find a way? What if he becomes one of them?” The Doctor sounded angry at the thought of becoming like the Time Lords he had just faced.

“Believe in yourself Doctor. I belie…..” In that moment she had vanished. No time to say goodbye or wish the Doctor luck.

The Doctor stared where the hologram once was, just a moment ago, and wished he wasn’t looking away the exact moment her time had run out. He swallowed hard, turned around and set off to find Martha Jones.