by perception_filter [Reviews - 4]

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Author's Notes:
A smutlet, if you will. Thanks to thetimelady, without whom this wouldn't be as good.

“Nikola Tesla.”

He takes her arms and holds them down at her sides, taking a satin-covered nipple in his mouth and lapping it with his tongue. Her breath hitches as her body arches into him.

“Inventor of the alternating current.”

He pushes the cup of her bra down with one finger.


A wet tongue slides slowly over her nipple.

“Mapped the stars.”

Cool breath replaces warm tongue, and he smiles at her low moan.

“Our stars, Rose.”

He slides up her body and releases her arms, biting her bottom lip before their lips meet hungrily. One hand behind her head, one stroking her jaw, he devours her with his lips and tongue, pushing against her as she grabs his arse and grinds into him. He raises his hips and grins at her moan of frustration before bobbing his head back down to her breasts.

Exposing her other breast, he covers it with his lips and sucks softly.

“Leonardo da Vinci.”

He smiles against her skin as she squeaks at his continued talking and flicks his tongue over the hard peak.


Long fingers tease her other nipple, pinching and twisting.


A soft hand trails slowly down her stomach, tracing patterns. Cool lips suckle her breast.


He slips a finger under her knickers, flattens his hand against her bucking hips and raises his head to look at her.

“Renaissance man.”

He growls, thrusting a finger inside her.


He finds the spot deep inside that makes her scream and adds a second finger.

“The first Time Lord.”

He traces his tongue down her jaw, sucks the skin where her neck meets her shoulder, and lowers his head back to her breast.

“The creator of time travel.”

He pulls his fingers from her and brings his wet finger to her nipple. He tastes it and again moves his hand to her damp curls.

“The closest... ah…”

He draws in a sharp breath as her hand plunges between them and takes hold of his erection.

“The closest thing to a god I have.”

His fingers tease her clit, and her moans increase.

“But none of them...”

Suckling, nipping, licking, fingering as her breath becomes uneven under his touch.

“...Could ever...”

A finger dips back inside her and spreads her wetness over her clit.

“...Make you...”

A light nip at her nipple.


Three fingers thrust deep inside her wet folds.

“...This hard.”

She screams his name and tightens around his fingers as her hips buck and her hand tightens around his cock.

He lifts his head and kisses her softly, as he rolls between her legs and positions his erection at her opening.

“Now that's genius.”