Wake up and make love with me

by perception_filter [Reviews - 3]

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  • Character Study, Het, Introspection, Missing Scene

Author's Notes:
Another for the New Boots and Panties!! series, based on the fab album of the same name by Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Thy're in no particular order.
Much love to thetimelady for beta services in a super-quick stylee.

Rose was asleep on the squishy chair that had appeared in the console room since he was last here. He smiled at the thought — she'd changed his flat too. Curled up sideways with her head leaning onto her hands against the back of the seat, she snored slightly, her red-rimmed eyes flickering behind her eyelids.

He had held her for hours as she wept into his shoulder over another man, stroking her hair, whispering reassuring platitudes, planting the occasional sad kiss on her head. Eventually she had slept. Mickey had laid a blanket from his bed over her and sat on the floor facing her with his back against the console, not wanting to leave her alone.

If she wanted him, he would never leave her. He couldn't, certainly not to run off with some French tart who couldn't be a patch on his Rose. Stupid really, because that's exactly what she did to him when she ran off to the Doctor. And here he was, picking up the pieces. And he would do it again and again if he had to, until the day her precious Doctor finally buggered off and left her lost and alone.

He had missed watching her sleep. He missed the mornings in his little flat, the smile on her face as he woke her up with kisses, the laughing fights over who would make the tea, the sex... god, the sex. She had always been sexy, but now she was something else, something more. Her body was better than ever for a start, but she was so strong and brave, like a real-life Lara Croft only one who had once slept with him. A lot.

Feeling slightly ashamed, like he was taking advantage of her while she slept, he grinned at the thought. They would lie in his bed for hours, watching DVDs, playing games, making love, eating toast. It was bloody freezing in that flat, but he remembered those days as warm and sunny and endlessly long. He remembered them all. He always felt like the lucky one, he never really thought she would stay. And he couldn't hope to compete with the Doctor, the TARDIS, the whole of time and space.

But that didn't stop him wanting her. The tip of her thumb was in her mouth now and he stared at her, imagining his fingers between her lips, his lips on hers, her tongue running down his chest, his hands on her arse. She couldn't still believe the Doctor would stay with her after that little episode, could she? It was he that was still here for her, and had proved himself worthy more than once. Maybe, if he played it right, when she woke up he could try and talk to her, convince her to see him again.

He closed his eyes, and pretended to be asleep when the Doctor walked in, scooped Rose from the chair and carried her out of the console room in his arms.

Yeah, dream on, Mickey.