Fun and Games

by Rain [Reviews - 9]

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  • General, Humor

Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its characters, trademarks, etc. are all the property of the BBC (and you´re doing a great job, guys :-). I have no claim to it whatsoever. I´ve just borrowed the characters for this story. Please, please don´t sue me.


"So, that´s your plan, is it?" the Doctor demanded darkly. "To invade the Netari system through Mandax and Coher, placing space stations on all major trade routes. You´re going to mortgage the small holdings and buy out the neighbouring solar systems, imprisoning anyone who gets in your way... and no one in the universe can stop you."

"Except me," announced Jack. "I´ve got a `get out of jail free´ card."

The Doctor scowled at him.

Rose looked concerned.

"Doctor," she reminded him anxiously, space station poised over Mandax. "It´s only Monopoly."