Got to catch 'em all!

by kerriangel [Reviews - 4]

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  • General, Humor

Ianto and Owen grinned at each other as the cog door opened. "Everything alright, Jack?" Ianto asked.

Jack gave him a look. He was hopping mad.

"Is everything OK?" Ianto asked, smiling innocently. Sweet, hardworking, kind Ianto,who would never dream of pulling cruel pranks on people. Especially not his boss and lover.

The Hub was empty except for Owen and Ianto. The girls had taken the day off for 'shopping'. Translated as Tosh warned Gwen about what Ianto was like when he has a certain look in his eyes. The last time that look was in his blue eyes, Suzie had ended up on crutches for a month.

Jack glared at Ianto and stormed up the stairs. Before he entered the office, Jack took something from his pocket and flung it at Ianto. "If I see them again, I'm throwing them into the rift," Jack growled and entered the office.

Owen and Ianto fell onto the floor laughing like lunatics. "Credit where it's due. I can't believe he thought they were real!" Owen stated.

Ianto grinned and slipped the Pokemon cards into his pocket. "Gotta catch 'em all."