Author's Notes:
What was the end of that quote? Ah yes, thanks to William Shakespeare for lending that to me! Also, many thanks to another brilliant mind, Hazel for giving me a word to define!

Deep in the dark recesses of my mind, I knew.

I knew everything, all that was, all that is and all that will be.

I flew through time and space, no longer anything remotely human.

I left messages for the girl I was.


Along the cold, hard edge of Time defined,

I tried to find the flux.

I went back to the early days of him and me.

Used paints and chalk.


I used others to write the message on the wall.

I went to places that I saw myself with another man.

But the same man.

I knew it all.

I visited a beach, I was drawn to it. I named it.

The only warning I could leave on that beach was that name.

I saw myself as I used to be… with him.

Our forever.

Understanding some of what I saw was hard.

You cannot question, just see.

So, I knew. I knew how it would end.

I knew that with the journey’s end,

There was always going to be a beginning.

In a lover’s meeting.