Modlin's Monologue

by grigor [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
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  • Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Author's Notes:
“’Ello Rose, ‘ello Doctor.” Modlin bounced into the Med Bay and beamed as happily as if he had received a response from the inert figure on the bed.

“’Ello, Rose, ‘ello, Doctor.” Modlin bounced into the Med Bay and beamed as happily as if he had received a response from the inert figure on the bed.

“’Ow you doin’ then?” He lifted the Doctor’s hand gently, pressing his finger against the limp arm and frowning in concern. “Yer know, I’m a bit worried about you. Us ‘as been giving you water but I don’t think you’ve been getting enough. You’re very dehydrated an’ I want ter put a tube down yer nose an’ inter your stomach. What d’yer think about that? You okay wiv it?”

Simon clattered into the room, pushing a drip stand and looking worried. “What do you want me to do, Modlin? Hold him….”

Modlin cut across him swiftly. “’S right, Simon. Want yer to hold the drip ’till I’m ready fer it. Now, Doctor, I got a tube here and I’m just goin’ ter put a little vaseline on the end so it’ll slip down wivout any trouble. Rose, move your ‘and so it’s underneath the Doctor’s. Then he can raise ‘is hand if he wants us to stop.”

Rose shifted her grip and stared at Modlin in concern. The Doctor desperately needed fluid and nutrients but she knew that even unconscious, if he was held down and a tube inserted into his stomach by force, his resultant panic and terror would be terrible to watch.

“Roight!” Modlin greased the end of the tube and laid it on the bed. “Now Doctor, just gonna tilt yer head back and put a bit Vaseline round yer nose. Anytime you want me to stop you just raise your ‘and.” He tilted the Doctor’s head back gently and slid the tube gently into his nostril, frowning as his breathing changed to a panicked, ragged gasping.

“’Kay, ‘kay,” he slid the tube almost back out. “Nothing ter worry about. Nuthin’ ter ‘urt yer. Just a tube. Be good when it’s in. Nice cool water, boiled water wiv a bit of salt and lotsa sugar.” He gently slid the tube back into the Doctor’s nose and rubbed his throat gently. “Try swallowing, Doctor. Swallow ‘ard and that tube’s gonna slip down, easy as anything.”

The Doctor’s body went rigid and he began to struggle, pulling his hand away from Rose and beginning to flail around in terror. Modlin pulled the tube back a little and spoke calmly.

“Okay, Doctor. Not going to do this if it’s goin’ ter worry you. We’ll stop and just keep spoonin’ water inter your mouth. But remember. You’re not wiv the Weevils now. You’re back at Torchwood. An’ Rose is here. She wouldn’t let ennerone hurt you.”

At Modlin’s nod, Rose leaned forward and took the Doctor’s hand again.

“That’s right, Doctor. It’s only a tube. It’s not going to hurt you.”

“Yer safe now. Can’t say that too often to yer. Now, just goin’ ter slid the tube a little bit more. Here, that’s good, couple of inches that time. Yer know, we almost done three inches.”

Simon started forward, obviously intent on holding the Doctor down to let Modlin get the tube into place but Modlin rounded on him swiftly.

“Nah, Simon. If I wanted you crowded round, I’d tell yer. If you can’t stay quiet till I need yer then go. Don’t want no fuss.” Modlin returned his attention to the apparently unconscious but panicking Doctor and spoke calmly.

“Okay, Doctor. Gonna slip that tube down little bit further. Nothing ter worry about. No? All right, I’ll slide it back a bit. Just a bit. But just think, ‘s not hurting you is it. Not like what the Weevils did ter yer. We’re the one’s trying to help yer.”

Over the next two hours, Modlin soothed, coaxed and reassured the Doctor as, inch by inch, he slid the tube down his throat. The Doctor would allow the tube to be inserted for a few inches, then, for no obvious reason, begin to panic and struggle. Modlin placed his hand across the Doctor’s long fingers, stroking gently but never holding his hand or body down or restraining him in any way.

“Safe now, Doctor,” he said over and over again. “And we’re going to help yer. Once that tube’s down we can give yer a lot more liquid. Make you feel better. ‘N after you’ve had some water, I’m gonna have Simon make you up some tea, ‘eavy on the sugar, just as you like it. Swallow now, swallow, almost done. Tea‘ll be cool. Your throat’s too sore and burned fer ‘ot drinks yet. But tea is tea, tastes the good, ‘ot or cold. There yer are, done.”

Modlin stepped back from the bed, straightening his back and heaved a deep but silent sigh of relief.

“Roight now, Simon. Hang that bag up and wheel the stand over ‘ere. Doctor,” he turned to the shaking figure on the bed. “Doctor, gonna hook the tube up to the drip and then you’ll start getting the water. No. No, calm down. ‘S all right. ‘S not gonna burn yer guts out. Not like before. Just water. Cool water.”
Modlin lifted the Doctor’s limp hand, wrapped his fingers round the tube and stepped back from the bed.

“There yer are. Rose‘ll stay wiv yer but after I’ve ‘ooked you up, me an’ Simon will stand right back. Anythin’ you don’t like, you just pull and that tube will slide straight out. ‘Kay?”

Modlin connected the tube and stepped away from the bed. The Doctor’s breathing was fast and ragged and Rose stroked his hand, murmuring soothingly. The liquid ran down the inside of the tube, vanishing as it entered the Doctor’s nostril. Even unconscious, he gave the impression of terror, his whole body taut and rigid, tensed against unknown horrors.

As the minutes passed, he slowly began to relax, the tension ebbing from his body. Modlin moved back towards the bed, speaking in his calm, relaxed voice.

“’Appy wiv that then. Now I just want ter tape the tube to yer cheek. So’s if you turn over you won’t tangle yerself up.” Modlin fixed the two pieces of tape across the Doctor’s face then slid his fingers up into his hair, gently parting the roughly cut, dark brown tangle.

“Yer know, I think we’ve finally got rid of them nits and lice. That’s gonna make yer feel better. Nothing worse than your head keep itching an’ you gotta keep scratch, scratch, scratch. Give you another bath in a coupla hour’s time. I always think that when you’re a bit low, there’s nothing like a nice warm bath ter make you feel lots better. Yes?”

No one was expecting an answer so the Doctor’s faint grunt took them all by surprise.

“Hey, you wakin’ up?” This time there was no response and Rose slumped in disappointment. “Not yet? No? No problem. Simon, why’nt you go and make the Doctor some tea. Rose, if you wanna take a break,I’ll stay wiv him fer a bit.”

Rose stood stiffly, realizing that she had been sitting by the bed, unmoving for almost eight hours.

“Back soon, Doctor.” She dropped a gentle kiss on the side of his face. “I’ll nip to the loo and have a quick drink then I’ll be back.”

After checking the drip, Modlin sat beside the Doctor. “Always thought you might be takin’ in a bit more than it seemed,” he said after a moment. “If you could just open your eyes fer a minute, Rose ‘ud be so happy. Her face when you mumbled just now. Haven’t seen her look so ‘appy since…. since you was took. But no pressure. When you’re ready. You come back to us when you’re good and ready.” Modlin leaned forward but there was no further response.

One of the many bandages had become displaced with the Doctor’s struggles and Modlin gently eased it back into place.

“Ain’t too ‘appy wiv the world right now, are you?” Modlin pushed a stray piece of hair away from the Doctor’s face. “Know where you’re coming from. Felt like that meself often enough. But yer just needs time. An’ that’s what I, what us, have got ter give yer. Rose, she’s waiting. Till you’re ready to wake up. To talk. Ter be yourself again. An’ me. No rush me.” Modlin looked at the Doctor’s pale face turned away from him and noted his now calm, steady breathing.

“Got a way to go yet, Doctor. But you’ll get there. Just take yer time and you’ll get there and we’ll be waitin’ fer you. Ah Rose. Back already? Got that tea?”