Dear Doctor

by CKLizzy [Reviews - 3]

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  • Angst, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardener and BBC. People who invented River Song and Reinette are not part of it.

Letter Three

The next letter fell into his hands, in the true sense of the word. Having made some kind of routine of spending time in the TARDIS' library when he didn't feel like repairing something or landing somewhere, the Doctor often sat there for many hours, his ship offering him an infinite stock of reading material. And one day he opened a book, only to have the envelope fall into his lap.

He still had no clue how these letters could reach him. And at the moment, he simply didn't dare to find out. Not because he feared to actually find an answer, one that could tell him more than he was asking; no, more he was afraid to find nothing.

He had begun to just hope and wait for the next one. He couldn't define the periods of time lying between the arrivals of the letters, nor could he make out from which pattern they appeared in the different places. He just accepted it as it was, and that maybe some unknown power gave at least him the chance to take a little part in Rose's life.

Dear Doctor,

What I will tell you today should be a happy announcement. Well, it is. But then, it also seems so strange to even think about it. It feels... right and yet so terribly wrong at the same time.

Julian and I are getting married. He proposed to me a few days ago. I have to admit that I needed to ask him for a bit time to come in terms with the whole thing. But in the end I accepted.

I don't lie when I say that I am happy, genuinely happy. But still, there is this part of me that thinks, feels of it as wrong. Like I'm betraying you. And you know what's worst about it? Everyone seems to know it. Seems to know how at least one part of me feels about it. Mum knows it, of course, a mother always knows. Julian knows it, what kind of hurts me, because I hurt him with it, although I don't intend and want to. Even Pete knows; he might not have been present when I grew up, but he is nevertheless the best dad a girl can wish for, and he does his best to help me. Because in some way, he knows all too well how I feel.

Mum immediately threw herself into the wedding preparations. It's still summer here, and we want to get married as long as we can still use my parents' garden for the reception. At the moment, the weather is wonderful and it is said that it will stay like this for another approximately four weeks. So you see, no time for second thoughts.

I don't know if I had some would there be more time. I don't know if I made another decision would I have the chance to. Marrying Julian is probably the best thing to do; not because it is "good", but because, apart from my feelings for you, I love him, really love him. We've experienced and seen much in the past months, and we have shared much. We've gotten closer than I had ever thought possible, since you still possess my heart. But Julian is a fighter, and he would never give up on me. He's the one who understands best how I feel - and how you must feel.

So, the wedding is announced, and in around four week's time, I will be a married woman. I wish you could be here. I know, in some way, you will. You'll always be. And yet I can't help myself but miss you.

Love, Rose