Deus Ex Gunchina

by HanuuEshe [Reviews - 1]

  • Teen
  • None
  • Alternate Universe, Drama, PWP, Satire, Slash

Author's Notes:
This drabble has no point other than to amuse. Hopefully it does that fairly well.

The first thing Jack saw when his cell door opened was Ianto. Jack blinked. Ianto leaned against the doorway in a way that emphasized his long legs and the rather large gun slung across his shoulder.

"What?" Jack asked, feeling mildly horrified. Or it might have just been gas. Bloody beans. "How?"

"Simple," Ianto replied, giving his massive weapon a fond pat. "I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow."

"Oh," Jack said. He supposed that made sense. "So what now?"

"There's a good chili place around here," Ianto suggested. "Lots of things you can do with chili."

They blew up Parliament on the way out. No one important was using it anyway.