The Company He Keeps

by Canaan [Reviews - 2]

  • Teen
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  • Drabble, Missing Scene, Series, Slash

Author's Notes:
Unbeta'd drabble brought over from playing drabble tag in wendymr's playground. I like this one enough, as-is, to post it. Spoilers for tSoD and LotTL.

Disclaimer: I don't own them; all hail the BBC.

"Interesting." The Master crouched beside the Doctor's aged form, making rare use of Gallifreyan. He studied his old schoolmate like some fascinating-and-maybe-repulsive specimen. "I do believe you love him."

The Doctor did not watch the guards removing Jack's corpse from the Valiant's conference room. "I love all of them," he said. "Don't you love Lucy?"

Safe behind the battlements of a dead language, the Master snarled, "Company. A pretty pet. I'm not fucking a human. That's disgusting."

The Doctor was too weary to smile. He considered the Master, darkly. "Maybe you should do," he said, dryly. "Could improve your mood."